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Advertising on Best Strictly Trusted PTC Sites List

What’s included?

Your banner and referral link on Best PTC List 2019

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Our reviews and strategies are Google well ranked for all sites from Best PTC List, usually on first or second page for keywords: “ptcname review”;ptcname strategy” etc.

It’s well known that this type of visitors are highly responsive.

Best Strictly Trusted PTC List and Strategies are linked from numerous blog posts.

No other site have similar offer. As you can see this is very exclusive advertising all over the site.

All listed sites are highly visible and linked to own review and strategy.

Plus some more extra quality advertising:

Best PTC Sites List is linked from our welcome message that every new The Clickers Team member receive upon joining.

Link is highly visible and it appear at top of our first message for new members.

You will get REAL advertising.

We will not just run your banners around like it is case when advertising on lists similar to this one.

We want to give best possible deal to our advertisers.

This is very compatible link system trough entire The Clickers Team site.

All this together can be really good way to get referrals.

Prices we offer are far correct, affordable and reasonable comparing competition and specially comparing quality of service that we offer.

This is best possible advertising deal you will found in PTC world.

Prices: (monthly/180 days/yearly)

• MyFreeShares – not for rent: The Clickers Team link
• All other Best PTC Sites: $15/month; $70/180 days; $120/year

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