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PTC Strategy - Click SmartHere are the links to articles where we introduce Best PTC Strategy in general and also Best PTC Strategy for every particular PTC site from our Elite PTC List.
Strategies are tested for long time and easy to follow.
They also include small tips, general tricks, RR AVG, latest proofs and other useful info. (scroll down for General PTC Strategy)

My Free Shares Review and Strategy:
My Free Shares - Beginners Guide
My Free Shares – PTC Review
My Free Shares – Is It Worth to Upgrade?
Best My Free Shares PTC Strategy
Latest My Free Shares Proofs of Payment
Scarlet Clicks Review and Strategy:

Scarlet Clicks Review and Best PTC Strategy
Scarlet Clicks 1 Year Upgraded and RR Stats
Scarlet Clicks Rented Referrals Tables
Latest Scarlet Clicks Proofs of Payment
GPT Planet Review and Strategy:

GPT Planet Review and Best PTC Strategy
GPT Planet Rented Referrals Tables
Latest GPT Planet Proofs of Payment
NeoBux Review and Strategy:

NeoBux Review
Best NeoBux Strategy
NeoBux Rented Referrals Tables
Latest NeoBux Proofs of Payment
YouGetProfit Review and Strategy:

YouGetProfit PTC Review and Best PTC Strategy
Latest YouGetProfit Proofs of Payment
Twickerz Review and Strategy:

Twickerz Review and Best PTC Strategy
Twickerz Rented Referrals Tables
Latest Twickerz Proofs of Payment
AdzBazar Review and Strategy:

Latest AdzBazar Proofs of Payment
ZigmaCash Review and Strategy:
Twickerz & YouGetProfit New PTC

Latest Zigma Proofs of Payment
OptimalBux Review and Strategy:
ScarletClicks & GPT Planet New PTC

OptimalBux PTC Review
Latest OptimalBux Proofs of Payment
Donkey Mails Review and Strategy No Minimum Payout
Donkey Mails – PTC Review
Donkey Mails – Is It Worth to Upgrade
Where to Promote Donkey Mails
Latest DonkeyMails Proofs of Payment

General PTC Strategystrategy

General PTC Strategy:
List of Best Strictly Trusted PTC Sites 2018
Best PTC Sites 2018 Earning Stats
List of Best Strictly Trusted PTC Sites 2017
5 Best Rented Referrals PTC Sites 2017 List
List of Best Strictly Trusted PTC Sites 2016
How Not to Do PTC Sites – Often PTC Mistakes
How to Make Money With PTC Sites Part 1 MUST READ!
How to Make Money With PTC Sites Part 2 MUST READ!
How Much Money You Can Earn on PTC Sites with Rented Referrals – RR Strategy Charts
What is Autopay on PTC Sites
10 Ways to Recognize PTC Scam
5 Myths About PTC Sites
PayPal and PTC Sites Are Not Good Friends
Get Referrals Strategy:
How to Get Direct Referrals Part 1
How to Get Direct Referrals Part 2