About The Clickers Team

The Clickers Team Back In The Past


Founded as an enthusiastic project on extremely low budget back in winter 2011/2012 The Clickers Team has rapidly grown and transformed into massive clickers community and one of the biggest online teams of its kind.
In its Golden Age it count over 8000 members and over 1500 active forum contributors.
During this time many team mates have made nice pocket money with us.
For all this time The Clickers Team strongly stays under simple rule that is:
Always 100% Free & Always 100% Unique & Always 100% Team

The Clickers Team Today


Today The Clickers Team doesn’t have high aspirations in being massive in same way.
We have learned from previous experience that quality is what’s count and that being in good company is half of success.
On this site we share our experience and knowledge and we try to help other clickers to better understand how to earn money on Best PTC sites.
We also offer nice income opportuinity for active clickers with our MyFreeShares team builder.
The rest is up to you.

Why You Should Become Member of TCT


The Clickers Team is ALWAYS free and ALWAYS beneficial for every single team member.
Copy proven PTC strategies, build downline with MyFreeShares Team Builder, advertise and get referrals for your favorite PTC sites

How You Can Join TCT?

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For the beginning will be enough to:

How You Can Support TCT?


 Members Benefits:


  •  PTC Team Builder: MyFreeShares Team Builder – Great Earning Opportunity
  • Get complete tested proven PTC strategy that WORKS! All you have to do to make money with TRUSTED PTC Sites is to copy our strategy.
  • Sell, donate or exchange for advertising,  your unwanted traffic exchanges credits to TCT.  (We are using credits ONLY for TCT promotion, so you will help team and you will get paid for unwanted credits. Please contact us for more info.


The Clickers Team

The Clickers Team was, is and will always be 100% Free. We have never asked a single cent from our members. EVER!