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How to join The Clickers Team’s My Free Shares Team Builder?

  1. Please read this page till end!
  2. Join The Clickers Team if you are not already member. You can do it from Home page  (please check spam too for confirmation mail).
  3. Send us My Free Shares link request to
  4. Register to My Free Shares with link that we will provide you by mail.
  5. Once you make your first $1.5 please send us screenshot as a proof
  6. After sending proof you will become full TCT team member and your referral link will be placed in MFS team builder.

Why MyFreeShares?

We find MyFreeShares as great opportunity for building a team.
MyFreeShares has 5 levels deep referral reward system and this is one of few reasons that makes it just perfect program for team work.
You will not become rich but it will help those clickers who want to give a more serious try with MyFreeShares, on long and regular basis, to maximize results of invested time and effort.

MyFreeShares is 100% free to join and you can stay free member forever.
You don’t have to invest or upgrade (but it helps) to get paid.
It’s trustful site from “DonkeyMails group” and operate for many years with spotless reputation.
PayPal, Payza, Perfect Money, SolidTrust, OK Pay accepted; $10 minimum; cashouts every 2 weeks

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They will help you to become more familiar with My Free Shares concept and its earning potential.

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Why The Clickers Team?

The Clickers Team


We are first and the only team in this moment which is building MyFreeShares downlines.
Our past experience, spotless reputation, not comparable team spirit and fantastic members support makes us best possible choice for every clicker.

The Clickers Team will give an extra push to successfully expand your MyFreeShares downline.
We will send good quality referrals into your downline which will grow exponentially on 5 levels.
In your first level you will receive 5 direct referrals.
When your 1st level receive their 5 referrals this will make you 5×5=25 referrals in your 2nd level and you will receive 10% of their earnings.
On your 3rd level you will have 25×5=125, on 4th level 125×5=625, and 625×5=3125 referrals on your 5th level.
In total it makes near 4000 referrals and filled level 5 over 15 000 referrals itself crazy2.

This is what theoretically you can get from team.
We say theoretically, because we know from previous experience this is not realistic.
What is realistic is that over time you will receive active referrals into your downline just for being an active member of The Clickers Team.
You will still have to do 95% of work by yourself if you want to turn MyFreeShares into decent money maker.
However, being part of The Clickers Team is certainly good extra push and can only help you.
Use our strategy, build your downline and we guarantee you will love MyFreeShares.

This particular downline will be built for you by The Clickers Team and it’s just part of story.
We don’t count your personal direct referrals, other team member’s direct referrals, and referrals of their referrals 5 levels deep.
All that will multiply your downline for several more times.
This is something you can’t make alone.
You will need team to make it and The Clickers Team is far best choice.

How does team builder work?

Advantage of team builder in case where we have such 5 levels deep rewarding system is because it build members downlines exponentially on higher levels.
We are building 5×5 downline and in numbers it looks like this:

Level Number of Referrals Earnings
1 5 25% + 10 shares*
2 25 10%
3 125 5%
4 625 3%
5 3125 1%
Total 3905 in all levels

Those are potential referrals only from team.
Personal referrals of all those members are not included and remember that only 1 referral can sometimes make you 100s new ones.
This is very good deal and working together with The Clickers Team will make it even better.

We have split entire team into 5 divisions.
Each division promote itself (optional team work).
This way new team members referred by you will be placed into your division.
Apart of promoting team it is highly suggested to promote your own MyFreeShares referral link.

What are referral earnings? cash

Referral earnings are slightly higher then what is average in similar programs.
This include nice 25% on first level and an extra bonus of 10 shares once your direct referrals makes first 1.5$
10 shares are worth about 1.35$ on market. (easy to sell)
Other levels: 2nd level 10%; 3rd level 5%. 4th level 2%, 5th level 1% on shares and cash links.

When my referral link will be included in team builder?

You will receive position in team builder once you send us screenshot of  your first $1.5 earned on My Free Shares.

Why I have to make 1.5$ before I get position in team builder?

From previous experience we know very well that serious consistent daily clickers are rare to find.
You probably know by yourself that your referrals do not stay active for long time if they click any ad at all. Right?
We can’t push anyone to be active but we can avoid free ride and help building downline ONLY for our active members.
Once you make your first 1.5$ your sponsor (team mate) will be rewarded with 10 shares worth about $1.35-$1.40 on market.
This way we want to reward and give advantage to proven active team members.

When your first level of 5 referrals is filled you will receive 50 shares (app. $7) in total from your downline.
Those are just bonus shares for active referrals.
Apart of that, you will earn comission on every click from your downline 5 levels deep.

How fast I can make first 1.5$?

If you upgrade you can make your first 1.5$ literary in first few days especially if you follow our super easy and no brain breaker MFS strategy.
As a free member you will need more time.
Be sure to click both “Share” and “Cash” ads to speed up daily earnings.
We believe that maximum of 90 days upon registration is correct period of time to send us screenshot with your first $1.5 earned.
If you don’t send us screenshot (or at least message that you need more time) after 3 months you will be removed from team builder and your position will be given to new member.

I make my first $1.5. What next I should do?

Great! All you have to do is to send us screenshot of your MyFreeShares account where we can see that amount reached $1.5 as a proof.
You can send us screenshot to Subject: Full Team Member

Do I have to upgrade on MyFreeShares to be full team member?

NO, you can keep your account free as long as you want.
All you have to do to become full team member is to send us proof that you make your first $1.5
After that, your link will be placed into team builder.
It doesn’t matter did you upgrade on My Free Shares or not.
MyFreeShares is not an MLM or get rich quick scheme.
Members are not required to refer, upgrade or sell anything in order to be paid.

However, we strongly recommend to read carefully our My Free Shares strategy and consider what is our personal experience.
We are sure that you will find it beneficial.

What link should I use to register to MyFreeShares?

The only relevant link you should use is the one that will be sent personally to you officially by The Clickers Team.
You can request your link by sending us mail to
Subject: My Free Shares Link

We will try to respond as soon as possible but no longer than 48 hours.

How fast I will get my first 5 referrals?

This is really difficult to predict and it depend on entire team success and of course it depend when you join team.
It’s not the same if you join us today or in two years.
All we can say is you will regret if you do in two years instead to take action now when it’s very new and when we are expecting many new members to join us.
As always, first levels are filled much faster and in the moment I am writing this (August 2016.) you can get one of very top positions if you act right now.
You can check current positions here

I already have an account on MyFreeShares but I want to open new account with The Clickers Team?

You can delete your existing account and open new one from different mail adress.

What can I expect from The Clickers Team?

You and nobody else is responsible for your earnings.
You can’t make money or enjoy team benefits if you don’t want to work for yourself.
The Clickers Team role is to provide quality service and to create good and trustful income opportunity for our members.
Your success depend on you. There is nice earning potential on MyFreeShares itself.
Be active, click ads and patiently build your downline.
Remember that only one referral potentially can make you 10s and 100s of referrals on higher levels.
Reinvest your initial earnings into shares to maximize your income and again read The Clickers Team MFS strategy.

How much does it cost to be member of The Clickers Team?

Since its very first day The Clickers Team is and it will always stay 100% Free.
We welcome all clickers from around the globe who wants to help each other in spirit of team work to maximize their clicking results.

How can I help and support The Clickers Team?

We appreciate every help.
Even the smallest one, like Facebook page Like or one single click on AdHitz ad.
Please help to spread word about The Clickers Team and help us grow on benefit of all team members.
Find promotional tools here.


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The Clickers Team was, is and will always be 100% Free. We have never asked a single cent from our members. EVER!