Team Work Strategy

1 Hour per Week Team Work Strategy

We promised that we will not ask for too much of team work and also that we will NEVER waste valuable time of our members.
We are not asking members to surf every day endless pages and spend hours on team promotion.tiredclicker
With right strategy there is no reason to suffer for being in team.
contrary being part of team should help and benefit every active team player.
But when we ask for minimum of team work, 1 hour per week,  please do it if you can.
As it was always case with TCT, you will be rewarded for showing team spirit and for supporting The Clickers Team.
It will always be for benefit of entire team and will maximize our results as entire team.
So PLEASEbow2 try to do it if possible.

If everyone help as LITTLE as possible it will make HUGE difference and BIG help for our team.

This is how you can help team and benefit from it:

Our friends and sponsors  from numerous TEs have approved special PROMO CODES only for TCT members.
If  you  join any of those traffics and finish code (50-100 pages surfed) you will be rewarded with great amount of EXTRA FREE CREDITS.
Please support team by assigning at least 1/3 credits to your division link (links are on “team work” page) and rest use for your own promotion.

At the moment on The Clickers Team’s TE list there is over 14 700 Free Bonus TE Credits

Multiply by every team member who make it!!!

This is also small reward for all TCT members who wants to help and who understand what is team spirit.
It will take you no more than 1 hour to finish few of them if you are surfing few at same time.
Please try to find 1 hour per week for team work and finish some codes every week.
Will be benifecial for yourself and also for entire team

No need to send any message, once you enter code and surf required number of pages you will receive bonus credits automatically.
(if there is NO code we will transfer credits to your account once you surf required number of pages)

Let’s make it HUGE Clickers Team.groupwave