GPT Planet PTC Review and Best PTC Strategy

This is full review about GPT Planet and it include most important facts, best PTC strategy and proofs of payment.

GPT Planet is operating smoothly and without major problems since it has been launched at 2010 and it is another elite site who found place on The Clickers Team’s Best Strictly Trusted PTC List.

It belongs to same owner as ScarletClicks, another elite PTC site (operating one year longer – since 2009), and in many points they are very similar with some minor differences.

Here are some very basic facts about GPT Planet:

  • Members: over 250K (July 2016)
  • Total paid: over $360K
  • Accepting: Paypal, Payza, Perfect Money
  • Payout minimum: First payout is at $1.05 only. All other payments are set at 2$. Members can request payout every 3-7 days depending on membership. Maximum withdraw is $60 at once.
  • Number of direct referrals: Unlimited for all memberships including for free members.
  • Maximum number of rented referrals allowed: 100 RR for free and silver upgrade (including yearly silver!); 800 monthly gold, 3000 yearly gold; 6000 yearly gold plus
  • Rented referral price start from $0.15 and then increase as following


  • Recycle price $0.04
  • Referral click for all upgrades 100% of value while for free members is only 10%.
  • Rented Referrals: active, stable, easy to manage and with good average performance in general
  • Discounts for rented referrals extension:


  • Upgrades: Monthly Silver $5, Yearly Silver $50, Monthly Gold $10, Yearly Gold $100, Gold Plus$ 300
  • Upgrade will also give you minimum of 5 x $0.01 daily ads to click and about 20 ads with smaller value, about $0.07 per day from your own clicks.

Here is chart of all upgrades and their benefits:



Best PTC Strategy for GPT Planet

GPT Planet and ScarletClicks are probably two easiest sites from our elite PTC list when it comes to rented referrals. If you are beginner in renting referrals those two are definitely sites to start with.

Rented referrals on both sites are generally very active and easy to manage. Same as it case on ScarletClicks once you make first selection and keep good ones, this selected group will remain active and keep good average for long time.

All you have to do is to extend them on as much longer period as you can afford, and to maximize your profit this way by taking advantage of discounts those long term extensions gives (see table above).

Very important thing to consider when upgrading is that Yearly Silver upgrade is not good choice. It will allow you to rent only 100 referrals and this is kind of trap you will have to pay for entire year if you mistakenly choose this upgrade.

It can be good to start your first month with Monthly Silver or until you make selection of 100 good referrals but do not take Yearly one. Instead go for Golden upgrade which will raise limit of rented referral to 800 for Monthly Gold and up to 3000 rented referrals for Yearly Gold upgrade.

Apart of this there is no many space to make mistake.

We would consider average over 5.1 – 5.3 as acceptable and everything higher as very good one. Especially if you extend referrals for long time what is main key to success and general rented referral strategy for all PTC sites.

Once you have good selection you can turn on autopay.

You have to click at least 4 ads in order to earn from your referrals the next day

To make story shorter, best GPT Planet strategy would be:

  • Upgrade to Monthly Silver till you make selection of first 100 good quality rented referrals with average over 5.1-5.3
  • Once you reach 100 referrals switch to Golden upgrade and keep renting referrals.
  • Extend good referrals for longer period of time, as much longer the better, and maximize profit by using benefit of discounts.

Occasionally, there will be different kind of promos that will give extra value to your potential investments (add funds bonus, RR extension discounts, upgrade discount etc). Be sure to use those promos whenever you can.

Quite simple, right 🙂

For those who are looking for reasonable advertising prices GPT Planet is site to consider.
Members are quite active comparing some other PTC sites mostly because you can withdraw earnings as a free member and payout limit is low what usually keeps free clickers active.

Summary about GPT Planet

GPT Planet is certainly PTC site you simply have to be. It have good earning potential with rented referrals. Rented referrals are easy to manage, with good, long lasting average performance, same as it is case with ScarletClicks. Site is operating smoothly by well-known and respectful admin for over 6 years, and over this time it earned spotless reputation. By using this simple PTC strategy there is very little space for mistakes what makes it perfect for newbies and for clickers who are not much experienced with managing rented referrals. Getting direct referrals is also much easier comparing some other long lasting PTC sites because there is many regular clickers who somehow missed to join it.

All this makes GPT Planet an exceptionally good PTC site and that is why it deserve place on our exclusive elite list of Best Strictly Trusted PTC Sites.

This is last GPT Planet proof of payment we received few days ago.


We will update this post with new proofs regularly.

Happy clicking and earnings.

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7 thoughts on “GPT Planet PTC Review and Best PTC Strategy

  1. Zydhan Linnar Putra

    Is that worth to invest $5 to upgrade monthly silver and $3 to rent 20 referre

      1. Zydhan Linnar Putra

        are 100 referrals enough to cover upgrade cost??

          1. Zydhan Linnar Putra

            emn, what about scarlet-clicks.. is that worth to invest $20.. is 100 referrals enough to cover monthly silver upgrade?

          2. Greatinternetswindle Post author

            Yes, Scarlet Clicks would probably be the best choice to start since referrals are better as on GPT.
            That would be enough but you will have to reinvest eranings and build up your downline over time.
            Another good choice would be FamilyClix (paypal not accepted) where you don’t have to upgrade to get higher rate per referral click but you have limited ammount of RR.

    1. Priyabrata Dash

      NO silver monthly is only for those who have more direct referrals. You must invest atleast 60 Dollar. 10 for golden upgrade. 50 for referral.


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