How to Get Direct Referrals for PTC Sites Part 2

Last time we explained why most of “how to get referrals strategies” recommended by so-called “PTC gurus” not work very well and why they all have big holes in the system.

If I have to choose only 3 crucial weak points why this different strategies will not work I would say those are:

  • Promoting someone else’s business instead of your ones or in other words promoting single referral link of specific PTC site
  • Paid options are too expensive regarding what will be the income if any
  • Referrals activity: Clickers are fast Quitters!

Now, if those strategies do not work, what would be the right way to get direct referrals for PTC sites?

Here is the very basic start and it’s highly recommended for beginners to use this method first and later to progress to more advanced techniques

How to get direct referrals (the simplest strategy)

Make a simple page and do it NOW!

This is something you MUST do.
Don’t worry, it doesn’t require any particular knowledge, you don’t need programming or special computer skills. Everyone can make such page. It will take you one to two hours even if you are complete newbie, and best of all it can be done for free.

This page will be something like, let’s call it that way: your “PTC show room”.

Most important benefit from having such simple page is that this page will allow you to list all your favorite referral links in one place and then, once you start promoting this page you will promote all favorite referrals links at once and not only one specific PTC site.

Promoting only one simple referral link will not make any result but here, in this case, you will list all money making opportunities and probability that someone will join one or few of those suggested programs will significantly increase. Most of PTC users are members of some programs but there is big possibility they are not members of all programs. This gives much more space for success and much bigger audience than promoting just one simple referral link.

Probably the easiest place to make your first simple page for free would be, if you are already member (I know you are) on EasyHits4U traffic exchange. As a free member you can easily make up to 3 different pages using their Easy Splash Builder.
Another good site that I like to use is Weebly where you can also make multiple-page site later. Also for free.

For this simple page it will be enough just to place banners of your favorite PTC sites.
Additionally you can add some basic information about each of them, such rate per click, minimum payout or something else that you found particularly interesting for this site, rented referrals average performance for example.

Few tips about your very first simple page:

  • Minimum number of page elements
    NOT a ten page website, NOT a blog. Make it simple and stay on one page only. Enough for start.
  • Make it visually attractive and different
    Play little bit with colors and fonts, make it visually as unique as possible, but even more important, keep it as simple and clean as possible. People will rather taker closer look on something that is eye-catching but also they don’t want to be disturbed with something irritating, intensive flashing or color attacking.
  • Easy-to-read
    No blah-blah-blah. Make it straight to the point. Just very few basic info if any at all, and well-visible title that can talk about entire package of sites: “Make $XY every day/month with this great/trusted PTC sites” for example.
  • Call to action
    Click Here, Register Now, Make Money Now and other phrases that motivate others to click on your links. Not obligatory but theoretically it helps a bit.
  • List Best and Trusted Options Only
    Do not post never-ending list of banners with all sites you have ever joined. Fifty different flashing banners will not work. It will make your page to look messy, hard to read, less trustful and with very bad exposure. Stick to those programs you really work on, that you already tested and that are trusted as much as it can be in PTC world.
    It’s not bad to separate or classify PTC sites in some way. One list can contain from very trustful sites, one list of new PTC sites, potentially good ones, list of PTC sites you was recently paid from etc. In any way give best exposure and underline those PTC sites that you find best from your list.

If you are not sure about which PTC site to select, we recommend to check and copy those from our Strictly Trusted PTC Sites List. They are all long-lasting, tested and trusted and certainly great starting point for your PTC business. Don’t waste time on searching for and exploring all new sites that will turn into scam and disappear in few months (with exception of 1 in 1000s that confirms the rule).
I know it’s more difficult to get referral for those well-established sites but you will build your downline over time if you are persistent.

This is example how one simple page can look:



If you want to open another source of passive income you can add AdHitz unit to your page. You will earn 5-8 cents every time someone click on ad.
However you will need huge traffic till you reach $25 payout minimum.
It’s just an optional idea to consider. You can also “decorate” page a bit with hit counter, social media icons, or some other interesting widgets.
This is sample of one AdHiz unit (be free to click an ad 🙂 Thanks!) :

Promoting your page

Now, when you have your own page with all your best links listed in one place next step would be to bring as much traffic as you can and to show your page to as many people as you can.

Now, and only now, after having your own page, you are ready to use traffic exchanges, safelists, social networks, forums and all other numerous traffic sources. but DO NOT PAY for traffic. Especially not if it’s pricy and usually it is.

From this point you are promoting your own PTC business and not someone else’s while spending hardly earned traffic on 1 single link instead on 10-15 of them. We solved the first problem.

We will talk more about getting traffic in another place but here could be good to point on something that many members don’t give attention and that can be good place to start. Most PTC sites also have Traffic Exchange section included but not so many members use this possibility. However those traffics that are part of big PTC sites will work much better than sites that are only regular traffic exchanges. This PTC traffic audience is not so big like on regular traffic exchanges but give few important advantages including:

  • Much better targeted audience made of existing PTC users and not of traffic exchanges surfers (many regular traffic exchange surfers don’t click PTC sites so they are only spending your credits).
  • Traffic exchanges that are part of PTC Sites like DonkeyMails for example deliver unique hits. One hit per IP address every 24 hours what is big difference to regular traffic exchanges where you will need much more credits to cover different members
  • Forced view hits: some of those PTC traffics require to stay on page to receive credits. Most traffic exchange surfers don’t even look on your page because they are surfing 5-6 traffics in same time and most surfers are only looking what is next icon to click and after, they instantly continue to next site. Exposure on PTC traffics is much better than on regular traffic exchanges.
  • PTC Traffics are used in great part by PTC newbies so probability someone will join your money-making opportunity is also bigger than on regular traffic exchanges.

Before you start to use all this traffic sources be sure to take another half hour to make banner or two that you can use as promo tools for your page.
It will be of good help to have your own banner.
There is many sites where you can make banners for free.
Make it simple and not disturbing and aggressive with flashing and colors. It will attract people attention but nobody will click on such banner, so make it nice, simple and easy to read.
Like this, for example:

One good and easy free banner making source you can use is BannerSnack for example, but there is many other available sites.

You can do all this completely for free and we all know there is no better price than free, right? This way we solved another weak point of other “get referrals” strategies what would be: high cost and expenses that paid strategies require and that will usually finish just as throwing of your money in exchange for nothing.

You will not get 100s of referrals over night with this simple page tactic but you will get some from time to time. Of course final result will closely depend on how strong you are promoting your page.

This strategy is very good starting point and it’s suitable for beginners and advanced PTC clickers. If you don’t own such page already you definitely have to make it. This will give incomparable advantage and open much more possibilities and space to get potential referrals.

Benefits of having simple, easy to make page are numerous but most important are:

  • • Promoting your own business – 1st big problem solved
    • It’s Free – 2nd big problem solved
    • Promoting many opportunities in same time – Huge advantage
    • Using all traffic sources to send traffic to one single page only and not on 10s of them – Another huge advantage

Do not be obsessed with design of your page. Whatever your first page look like it will still be more productive and useful than any single referral link. You will improve design over time. Just give a try and make any page for start.

For the end, never forget very basics for PTC success that are:

  • • Patience – it require time, be persistent.
    • Consistence –make a daily/weekly/monthly strategy and stuck on it
    • Work (and some money) investment – you will have to work to get result

In next “how to get referrals for PTC sites” article we will go further and explain more advanced strategy including what we can do to solve 3rd weak point, that is: referral activity problem, and how to maximize chances to get direct referrals for PTC Sites even more.

Hope you find this article helpful.

Happy clicking and earnings.

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