How to Get Direct Referrals for PTC Sites

Getting direct referrals for PTC sites is probably the hardest part and the biggest question for most of PTC users.
If you have ever tried to get some direct PTC referrals, than you probably know how frustrating this process can be.
You invest your time and energy, you put some hard work in it, very often it cost some money too, and final result is usually equal to zero, right? Sometimes it can look it’s completely useless work.
Remember that only ACTIVE referrals will make you money so getting referral who doesn’t click is practically the same as you didn’t get referral at all. As we already know most referrals are not active or they quit after very few days accumulating maybe few cents of income if you are lucky enough.

Even it’s not an easy task, good news is that there is a way to get direct referrals. Unfortunately there are more bad news than good ones about this subject but if you are serious in making money online with PTC sites and you want to invest your time and work there is a way to get them.

In case some of our readers missed one of our previous articles about how to make money with PTC sites it’s good to repeat one more time very important fact: You will not make money on paid to click sites with direct referrals. As we talked before the key to make money with PTC sites is in RENTED referrals (RR). We have already explained this strategy and we advise our members and readers to take a look on it.

Direct referrals (DR) are important part of PTC game and they are crucial to speed up things and to improve your total PTC performance. They will never become primary income source but they can make positive effect and visible difference in final balance.

There is many reasons why this is true and why making money with PTC sites based only on direct referrals is just another PTC Myth.
To put it simple way: you will make money with rented referrals while direct referrals will make an extra or if you prefer they will be cherry on top of cake.

First reason why direct referrals can’t make you serious income is in fact that you will never be able to get 1000s of direct ACTIVE referrals. People who claim they do have such downlines actually never show their stats. Wonder why? Because there is no such ACTIVE downline so don’t be frustrated by thinking that other clickers are doing better than yourself. PTC clickers are fast quitters and you will never be able to manage such daily flow of fresh referrals who will replace those who already quit. Especially not on well-known and trusted PTC sites because big majority of daily clickers are already members of this sites and new clickers are not coming fast enough.

Now, when we cleared this matter let’s take a look what most of so called “PTC gurus” recommend us in order to get direct PTC referrals.
We have reviewed some well ranked articles on this topic and all we found is honestly speaking complete crap!
We will briefly go over 10 most frequent suggestions and this part of our tutorial could also be called “How not to get direct PTC referrals”
In second part we will try to explain what would be the right way to get them and we promise you will get real deal, but let’s first learn what is wrong because so many people are giving wrong info, false tips and very bad advices.
Don’t make this mistakes. They will cost you your time and your money.

How Not to Get Direct PTC Referrals

  1. Getting direct referrals by advertising on PTC sites

To put it as simple as we can: IT NOT WORKS!
Advertising your referral link on other PTC sites will not get you direct referrals. It’s proven and many times tested fact!
Apart of this it cost money and you will lose that money. When we say lose we mean really lose. You will not cover expenses if you get any referrals at all.
If you advertise referral link for well-known PTC sites such Neobux or Clixsense you will get 0 (zero) referrals. For less popular PTC sites by good chance (and only by good chance) you can get referral or two occasionally. You have to know that this few potential referrals you might receive will be low quality ones. Typical referral you will get will be PTC newbie, jumping from one to another PTC sites every day in search for “better” one. Most likely this clickers will not click a single add or in best case they will click some for few days and then disappear. Good daily clickers will never join any PTC site this way. If you count how many clicks this referrals have to make to cover your expenses you will quickly realize it is unrealistic to expect this will ever happened.
Naturally you will ask who are then people who advertise on PTC sites and why they do it if it is not worth? Basically there are few different types of advertisers.

  • First group are clickers who hope they will get referrals this way because everyone tells this is a way. You pay other clickers to see your favorite link and since it’s already targeted group of PTC users some will recognize opportunity and use your referral link to register. Sound good but it doesn’t work. Don’t even try it, you will lost money.
  • Second group are PTC owners. They have different calculation and their cost is much lower than regular cost of advertising for other members. If you take closer look on referral links you will realize that many of them belongs to PTC owners. They pay far less than regular advertisers, usually 0.001$ per click but in reality it’s even less since big number of members never reach payout because of quitting and those clicks never got paid actually. It is well known that admins of big and successful sites exchange advertising credits between sites so many of those credits cost practically nothing. So, owners have their calculation.
  • Third group makes members who are early birds and advertise mostly very new PTC sites. In this case it’s possible to get some referrals but it stay question will those new sites survive long enough to reach at least first payment. We all know that chances for this are very low since most of PTC sites turns into scam before an average clicker, even as early bird, can reach payment.
  • At the end there are members who exchange their earnings for advertising mostly because payouts are too high or sites require forced investment in order to cashout so in this case logic is take whatever you can because otherwise you will get nothing

To conclude: Getting direct referrals by advertising on PTC sites doesn’t work.
Some will say that other type of advertising such banners work, that you should go for longer ads instead of shorter, to purchase minimum 5-10K ads packages but as we explained none of them will work good enough to even cover expenses.

There is another way that can get some results but advertising simple referral link on PTC sites will NOT WORK!

  1. Getting direct PTC referrals by using social networks

You will find this advice in every single post that talks about how to get referrals.
Again, it doesn’t work or at least it doesn’t work in such simplified way as most authors suggest.
Social networks are good way to meet and connect with others who are interested in similar topic. That is purpose of social networks. It is good to exchange and get fresh information, it is good to meet new people and make new connections but simple placing of referral links on wall of numerous Facebook groups or sharing links on Twitter will not give much result.
Making your own Facebook page can be useful but you will have to do lot of other work out of Facebook before it can potentially become referring tool.
It also require lot of time, constant updating and it also require branding. Once your profile become respectfully recognized in PTC community there is possibility you will get some referrals this way but for this achievement you will have to invest years.
Using social networks have its own purpose and it’s certainly good idea to build and grow your network but this make sense only when looking through the scope of much wider frame and not about getting referrals for some particular PTC site.
It’s ok to use social networks but it’s far away from powerful get referrals tool.
Placing pricy Facebook paid ads will not work neither because of same reason as they will not work on PTC site. It can be good tool for different type of online business but not for PTC sites.

  1. Getting direct PTC referrals trough forums

This is very tricky and it also doesn’t work well, especially if you place it in long term time frame. Referral exchange trough forums is common beginner’s mistake. “I will click your PTC site and you click mine” strategy is not something you should go for. Exceptionally you will have luck to make correct reciprocal deal but its exception that confirms the rule. This agreements don’t last long time, there is many cheaters and most important it doesn’t worth your time and effort.

It is very common that new clickers will finish by clicking over 20-30 PTC sites from which huge majority will turn into scam before you received your first payment. Getting referral commission for few clicks will not make you money and your part of deal will take so much of your time practically for nothing. After turning into scam, your forum mate will ask you to join another new PTC site in order he/she to keep clicking your site. That new one will turn again into scam and so on. After some time you will find yourself without single good referral after joining and clicking a bunch of scam PTC sites. You don’t need or deserve that. Chances to get good referral for trusted and well established PTC sites are very low.

In case you still want to go for forum referral exchange try to exchange with forum members that already have positive feedback as daily active clickers even there is very small possibility such clickers are not already members of good and trusted PTC sites. Building downline on risky new PTC sites doesn’t have any purpose and our friendly suggestion is to avoid such time wasting adventure.

What you can do in forums is to actively participate in treads, share some information, post proofs of payment etc. Be sure to put your favorite link as your forum signature. There is possibility someone will use it once your profile shows that you are regular and honest forum contributor. Making link signature is allowed in all forums and you will not take risk of being banned for spamming or braking rules. It will be shown under each of your forum posts. Posting nice proof of payment can get you enough attention and possibly this attention can follow in getting some referrals.

  1. Getting direct PTC referrals by starting blog

Theoretically speaking this is good advice. “Small” missing detail about is that it is much easier to say than to do it. Serious blogging is huge, continuous work and it’s not for everyone. It require lot of efforts and also require at least basic knowledge about successful blogging. If you are good in writing blog posts most probably there is better topic to write about than PTC sites and if you are really good in it you can certainly make more money by blogging on other topics.
Making blog is long process and bringing traffic and promoting is never ending job.
Blogs required frequent regular updates, knowledge about search engine optimization and many more small and big tricks.
Another bad side of blogging particularly about PTC sites is that not so many clickers read such blogs or search google for relevant info so you can’t expect huge number of visitors coming through search engines.
However, if you are very serious about clicking and you are sure you will do it for years blog is something to consider.

  1. Getting direct PTC referrals through Traffic Exchanges and Safelists

This is also yes and no.
In manner of placing simple referral link into rotation it doesn’t work at all.
It takes a lot of time to surf traffic exchanges to accumulate credits and then you spent them very fast with result equal to zero. It is time consuming and also quite frustrating regarding results. You can make little bit of money by surfing traffic exchanges but this is another story and another big trap to fall in that can cost you years of moving in round.
There is a way to use traffic exchanges in more productive way but this require different and bit advanced approach. We will write about it in our next post about getting direct referrals.
To conclude about this advice:
Traffic exchanges don’t work if you use them in simple way, by advertising your favorite referral links. It’s same for safelists.
Over time they can produce results but you have to know how to use them in more advanced way and also how to accumulate credits faster.

  1. Getting direct referrals by inviting friends and relatives.

Again another “guru” advice you can find everywhere.
Will you really bother your relatives and friends to click ads so you can make $0.001 from their click?
Even someone from your close ones have good will to help and wants to go for it, they deserve to know complete truth about PTC sites and earning potential, and truth is that they will help you very little, they will make very little money and most important they have to know this make sense only in very long period of time –years, to be more precise. Asking them to join bunch of risky sites will make all this even worst. For someone who don’t have experience with PTC sites this can look like wasting of time and apart of this you will have to spend lot of time till you explain them everything they should know about.
Put yourself into their position before you request or ask such favor.
Once you build your PTC business and it start giving some visible results than you can show them your achievements and possibly some of your friends and relatives will want to give more serious try. Everything else is fooling people around and you certainly don’t want that.
Better strategy than to bother close people to do something they don’t want will be to meet new friends online who are already involved into clicking.
You have to know that good online friends are valuable and rare same as in real life. Once you make such friends don’t bother them to join tens of suspicious sites just to help you to make couple of bucks. It’s not correct and you will lost their respect for nothing and possibly will bring bad reputation over your name in PTC community that is much smaller as you might think it is.
Helping each other is nice thing but to abuse such friendship in order to gain some personal benefit is not fair and will not bring you very far.
Once you can prove that you have good money making opportunity and that it is worth of their time than you can ask them to help and support you. In such cases it’s very likely they will go for upgrade and this can maximize your earnings.
Of course, be ready to give favor back and don’t be selfish to share valuable info and help them to succeed too.
This is much better way than forum exchange but you will have to deserve trust and good reputation.

  1. Getting direct referrals by guaranteed signups

This is complete mistake except in case you don’t have site that will reward you just for bringing new member which is very rare.
Paid to signups offers will get you only signups but NONE of those referrals will remain active. Every other result stay in frame of extremely rare good luck. Tested more than few times.
The only site we can recommend would be Downlinerefs because it gives option to control referral performance and to pay only for what you get. More about Downlinerefs here.

  1. Getting direct referrals by making YouTube video

I want to be honest here and say that actually I never tried this strategy but I have good reason to believe this doesn’t work even some authors will tell it does. Just look number of visits such video tutorials receive and you will share my opinion. Very few of such videos have over 10K visitors and most of them struggle to get even thousand. I also believe that most of this visitors (according to comments) are actually existing members who search for some info so they are not new potential referrals.

This number of visitors is related for well-known sites such Neobux and for less popular PTC sites number of visitors is usually few hundreds or even below hundred.

By my humble opinion this is irrelevant amount of traffic considering required effort of making video tutorial. There are some videos that received 40-50K visitors but they are posted 5-6 years ago. Maybe at that time it was good way but that time has passed.

  1. Getting direct referrals by sending emails (solo ads) via subscribers lists

This advice is most probably “borrowed” and copy/pasted from internet marketers who works in different fields. We agree this can be powerful tool but problem is it doesn’t work for PTC sites.

Primary reason why it doesn’t work for PTC sites is that they will not accumulate more serious income as it is case with other online businesses like affiliate or direct sales.
Simply there is no such money in, like some call it, “PTC industry”. Few, even good and active referrals cannot cover initial cost of this strategy.
Basic idea is to pay someone who own large and responsive subscriber list in relevant niche to send mail to his/hers contacts with your offer. Problem is that this type of marketing is too pricy for PTC sites. Price for this kind of mails is usually determined by few factors such how big is subscriber list, how targeted is, what is opening rate of sent mails but it will usually be in range from $100$ up to several hundred dollars. This can work very well when you are advertising products where only few sales can already put you in profit but this is not case for PTC sites where you will need many new referrals who will remain active long enough to cover this, not so small, expenses.

In case you have some very new money making opportunity this can work but probably best place to do will be trough large PTC sites that offer this option like DonkeyMails for example. Price is much lower and your mail will be sent to existing PTC users. Those list are far better targeted for what you need than huge lists with general “make money online” niche where PTC sites are probably on last place of interests.

  1. Getting referrals by paying ads on advertising platforms

Probably one of best known advertising pay per click (PPC) platform for PTC users is AdHitz and it’s another questionable advice.

It’s true that you will pay only when someone actually click on your ad but this will also finish with very modest results if any. Those ads are widely distributed online but again will not work for well known, long existing and trusted PTC sites. The value of click is determined by the country where the click originate and it is in range from $0.06 – $0.18 per click. It is much lower rate compared to search engine ads (Google AdWords for example) but remember that only ACTIVE referrals counts. How many clicks you will have to get from your referrals to cover just 100 such clicks (10-15$ in average)? Simple calculation will let you know is this really good idea.
It can be really good if you promote your own product or very new money making opportunity that can make profit measured in dollars instead in cents as it case for PTC sites but advertising simple PTC referral links will not work, especially for well-known sites with huge membership.

Those were some most common and most frequently posted tips from “PTC gurus” about getting direct PTC referrals and as we could see they all have “wholes in system”. Some other “tips” are so stupid that they don’t even deserve to be mentioned in serious article (“Use custom made shirts with referral link”; Put flyers or business cards on cars at parking spots”; “Go from door to door and ask people in person!!!???!!! Seriously? – just to name few from ocean of stupid ideas you can find online).

It is possible to get few referrals here and there by using this strategies. Some are even good tools if used properly but placing simple referral link will not make good and visible results. Some of them are free to use and they will take your time but be aware of those who require investments because you will lost your money at the end.

Making money with PTC sites is very specific subject and as any other job it have own specific characteristics. If some strategies work well in one field it doesn’t mean it will work for PTC sites too. Income that direct referrals accumulate is very low, there is very high and fast quitting rate so be very careful when using paid tactics because in most cases prices are too high comparing what potential referrals can generate.

Now when we reviewed most common instructions about how to get referrals and when we explain why most of them are not working so well we can continue to second part and see what will be the good way to get direct referrals for PTC sites.

3 thoughts on “How to Get Direct Referrals for PTC Sites

  1. GetMyRefs

    Good advices, I used almost everyone of thoose.
    But recently I found an italian service (now translated in english) called GetMyRefs, that helps people to find free referrals: it found 8.020 acctive referrals for its members.
    I’m here to recommend this website because in 12 days I found 26 active referrals in ClixSense and someone in Beruby and Freebitcoin.
    You must to try!

    1. Referrals4free

      I joined to your suggestion and it has been good, found 3 referrals in Bonusbitcoin in 2 days.

  2. Nirmal Kumar

    I created a blog and promoted my referral link. Now, I have got more than 200 direct referrals. This is the best method I feel.


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