Best NeoBux PTC Strategy

By | January 24, 2018

Best NeoBux PTC Strategy

Best Neobux PTC Startegy

Best Neobux PTC Strategy is certainly the biggest challenge among all other PTC strategies.
Even Neobux is the biggest and most popular PTC site it is also most demanding when it comes to managing rented referrals.
In this best Neobux PTC strategy we’ll try to explain what you should and shouldn’t do to successfully manage Neobux rented referrals and gain profit.

Best Neobux PTC Strategy – Critic of other Neobux reviews and strategies

Before we start, just a short remark about huge majority of existing “best Neobux PTC strategies” that we can find online.
If you ever googled and checked for Best Neobux PTC strategies and reviews you could conclude that 99% of online content about Neobux PTC Strategy is complete copy/paste crap.

Recommended Neobux PTC strategies are far from realistic and most of them are just desperate attempt to get some Neobux direct referrals.
Best Neobux PTC strategies about renting 3 referrals for 30 days from your own clicks what will follow later to thousands of referrals and dollars are nothing but a cheap marketing fairytale.
This will never going to happen. Not even in 20 years.

If you want to earn on Neobux you will have to invest money (probably the most among all sites from our Best PTC List) and you will have to be super patient and very precise.
When I say super patient means 2-3 years without making much mistakes to build your real, long term, profitable Neobux PTC business.
You will have to progress slowly, step by step.
So, prepare for long game.

Best Neobux PTC Strategy – My Mistakes

There is really a lot of useful information I want to share in this best Neobux PTC Strategy.
Maybe the best would be to start with what you shouldn’t do and what mistakes you have to avoid.
I have to admit that I made some mistakes regarding Neobux rented referrals during my first year as upgraded member.

If I have to summarize those mistakes today, my 3 biggest mistakes would be:

  • Renting too fast
  • Letting bad referrals to expire
  • Relying too much on autorecycle
Renting too fast

Rented referrals are not always available to rent but they will be available every week at least for once.
It is often mistake in the beginning to rent as much as possible every time when referrals are available.
There is no reason to rush with that.
Except if you are not in position to invest quite a lot of money you will not be able to extend those referrals for duration that will make them profitable later.
The most important is to extend your existing referrals for long time before renting new package.
Again, do it slowly and rent smaller packages.
You have to accept the fact that Neobux RR are profitable at 150 or 240 days extension ONLY.
This extensions cost $0.80-$1.20 per referral.
Calculate well those expenses before renting new package of referrals.

Letting Bad Referrals to Expire

While this is acceptable on sites like ScarletClicks or GPT Planet, on Neobux this is an absolute mistake
First of all, letting rented referrals to expire cost some money.
Second, you will not get any better referrals in your next purchased package.
Once you rent referrals you will have to manage what you got and to replace those with poor performance.
This replacements will happen frequently (daily) if you want to keep your AVG steady and profitable.

Relying too much on autorecycle:

This was probably the biggest mistake I made in the beginning.
Autorecycle of inactive rented referrals after 15 days of inactivity is small trap actually.
And, it’s a double trap.
Even it’s free, this feature makes sense for referrals who are already inactive for 10-12+ days and were not replaced before because their total AVG was still acceptable at that time.
I know that $0.07 for recycling inactive referral sound expensive (and it is) but you will have to recycle inactive referrals much faster and sooner as for 15 days.
Also, it stay impression that manually recycled referrals performs slightly better than those who are replaced for free by the system but again this is just an impression.

Second trap with autorecycling is because (as it is not case on most other PTC sites) rented referral potentially can “wake up” after 15 days and keep clicking later with profitable AVG.
That’s why you will have to lock rented referrals with high average even they are not active for 15+ days and prevent system to recycle them.
There are good chances that referral with high previous AVG will suddenly wake up and continue to click.
Prevent such referrals from autorecycling until AVG significantly drop down to unacceptable level (0.7 AVG or lower).

Best Neobux PTC Strategy – Other Tips

Few other things to keep on mind:

  • Don’t rent as a free member.
  • Don’t purchase upgrade on any date
  • Rent smart

Renting as a free member is not profitable. You can’t make money as a free member with rented referrals.
End of this myth.

Don’t purchase a yearly upgrade on just any day.
Instead, do it on certain time of year when there is discount.
There are regular discounts available on same date every year.
You will save money every year if you take your first upgrade at that specific time.
It is also advised to take advantage on any discount or promo not just for upgrade.

Best dates to Upgrade on NeoBux
• January 1st ($70 for Gold)
• March 24th (Neobux’s inception)
• April 30th (Neobux’s official launch date)
• October 26th – 31st (Halloween)
• December 15th – December 31st (Admin typically does 3 – 4 randomly timed discounts during this period)

Rent smart

Notice that after each package of 250 rented referrals price for renting and extending referrals raise for 0.01 per referral.
So, first 250 referrals cost $0.20/referral, from 250-500 cost $0.21 and so on.
Do not rent over next level until you didn’t extend existing referrals for 150+ days.
It’s wrong to have 257 referrals for example.
Once you want to jump to next level take bigger package but before that extend existing downline for 150+ days.
You will also need bit higher total AVG on each next level
Again, be very patient and progress slowly.

Best Neobux PTC Strategy – How to manage Neobux rented referrals.

Following our strategy should give total AVG about 0.7
Here is screenshot of my RR performance based on 400 RR.
In average there is 274 clicks per day what makes AVG 274/400=0.685

Best Neobux PTC Strategy rented referrals

My earnings stats on 1st of January 2018 and current stats:

Earning Stats on 1st of January 2018

Best PTC Sites 2018 - NeoBux Earning Stats

Current (live) Earning Stats

To achieve this Neobux rented referrals AVG you will have to:

  • Check and recycle rented referrals every day.
  • Recycle RR who are not active for 4-5 days and have avg below 0.55-0.60
  • Recycle RR who are not active for 6 -11 days and have avg bellow 0.60-0.70
  • Autorecycle those RR who are not active for 12+ days with AVG bellow 0.7
  • “Lock” – prevent from recycling those RR who have total AVG over 0.70-0.8 but they didn’t click for over 15 days.
    Wait until they continue to click or autorecycle if AVG drop below 0.65-0.7.
    As we say there are big chances that such referral can wake up soon.
    If this not happen and RR remain inactive unlock it and let system autorecycle it for free.
  • Extend referrals for minimum 150 days.
    With this extension you will need AVG of 0.533 to cover rented referral cost ($0.80 = 80 clicks in 150 days = AVG 0.533).
  • Use Autopay in the beginning.
    It will charge for one more day once referral makes first click that day.
    This is highly suggested in the beginning and very useful tool since it will also provide 15% discount.
    Once you extend rented referrals for longer period of time (min. 90+ days) disable autopay.
  • Use Flags to mark referrals and to test and improve your own strategy.

Best Neobux PTC Strategy – Improve your total Neobux performance

Neobux Upgrade is complete package of benefits and it doesn’t give an advantage regarding rented referrals only.
There is a lot of space to improve your total Neobux performance with your own work.

Neobux Tasks

Doing Neobux mini jobs is most profitable way to earn money on Neobux with your own work.
In the beginning number of jobs will be limited but if your work is accurate you will progress to next level(s) and more jobs will be available.
There is an extra cash bonus for each dollar you’ve made by doing mini jobs.
For each $1 you earn from doing Mini Jobs you’ll get a 18% bonus as a standard member and a 30% bonus as a golden member.
On yearly basis doing tasks can make you really nice money.

Neobux Games

This is relatively new feature (September 2017) and it allows Neobux members to play games for money.
Current rate for playing games is 0.001 per 1 game.
Members can play up to 250 games per day.
Minimum time for playing game is 2 minutes.
You will be paid disregarding of result but it can’t be zero.
For those who wants to try to earn with Neobux games I would suggest arcade game Space Hunt.
This game best match to rules and you can claim earnings each 2 minutes for few simple moves (score can’t be 0) what is also maximum time limit for playing this game.

Neobux Points

For each visited ad you will receive 1 point as an extra bonus.
Neobux points are kind of internal currency and they could be used to pay referrals and upgrade.
Save this points for upgrade
This is by far best deal you will get for your points.
However collecting required 30 000 points for an upgrade will take 2-3 years if you don’t have good luck with AdPrizes.

Ad Prize surfing

Daily prizes for lucky surfers including yearly upgrade.

neobux -adprizes

Best Neobux PTC Strategy – Summary

While Neobux rented referrals are most demanding they are still good enough and they left space for profit if you manage them properly.
Following our Best Neobux PTC Strategy will get you app. 0.7 AVG.
With long time extension it will make rented referrals profitable.
Constant filtering and recycling is key to success with Neobux rented referrals.
Remember that every referral click is important for profit.

Develop your own strategy, test new things.
Read forum and what other Neobux members say. I am sure you will find some good tips there.
For higher AVG you will need to recycle more but it will cost you more.
I think this Neobux strategy is in good balance regarding total recycling expenses.

For the end it comes question “is it worth to put so much effort in Neobux?
Answer would be: Once you build your profitable Neobux PTC business you will love their instant payments.

If you have your own Best Neobux PTC Strategy please be free to share with our members and readers.

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