OptimalBux PTC Review

By | January 15, 2018

OptimalBux PTC Review

We almost never review or recommend new PTC sites but in case of OptimalBux PTC we have decided to make an exception.
Reason for that is because new OptimalBux PTC is coming from very experienced and well known admin and owner of ScarletClicks and GPT Planet.
Both, ScarletClicks and GPT Planet are on top of our Best PTC Sites 2018 List and they have spotless reputation for many years.
Optimalbux PTC is certainly first really BIG PTC launch in 2018 and it might easily turn into good money maker for “early birds”.
Here is OptimalBux PTC Review.

Optimalbux PTC Review – General

Same as it case with ScarletClicks and GPT Planet, things are very simple and easy with OptimalBux PTC as well.

The biggest difference is that OptimalBux PTC offer opportunity to earn from shares – “ad packs”
One ad pack cost $10, total return120% at 0.5%-1% daily revenue.

Rented referrals price start at $0.20 ($0.15 at Scarlet and GPT Planet)
Autopay $0.006
Discount on RR extensions up to 25% on 365 days

Upgrades: Silver Monthly/Yearly $5/50
Gold Monthly/Yearly $10/100
Platinum, Diamond $30/70 -300/700

Each upgrade come with certain limits regarding number of direct referrals, rented referrals, maximum amount to withdraw etc. as it is shown in this table:

Optimalbux PTC Review

Minimum payout $5 Payza, PerfectMoney, Bitcoin

OptimalBux PTC Review – Best OptimalBux PTC Strategy

OptimalBux is just few days old at the moment so it’s still too early to speak about best PTC Strategy before we test it for few months.
However we already rented first group of referrals and at first sight we can say that rented referrals activity is good.
All upgraded members earn same from RR click: $0.001
Member must click minimum 4 ads per day to earn from referrals and from shares.
Based on first 50 rented referrals expected AVG is about 12-12.5 (12.5 clicks x 0.001 1$/1000)

As we say, it will take some time before we have complete Optimalbux best PTC Strategy but according to first stats it will be enough to follow our general RR strategy and to extend referrals for long period of time.
In the beginning autopay is always an option.

Good strategy in so early stage will be to upgrade to silver monthly and to build active RR downline till you reach silver upgrade limit before you go for yearly gold upgrade.
RR click value is same for silver and gold members so nowhere to rush.
There will probably be some discounts soon when will be better opportunity to purchase higher yearly upgrade.

Again, do not rent as a free member as it is case for all PTC sites.

OptimalBux PTC Review – Summary

There are good chances that joining Optimalbux PTC so early could turn into good move.
We could expect a bit more powerful launch but in fact only few thousand people joined till now.
If you join right now, you will have huge space to get many direct referrals in coming months.

For the end we have to say that opening several sites from trusted admin was not always finished great in the past and it’s not always good sign.
However from the owner of ScarletClicks and GPT Planet (and Myadrotator) we do expect success with his new Optimalbux PTC.

Happy clicking and happy earnings.

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