Best PTC Sites 2018 List

By | December 29, 2017

Best PTC Sites 2018 List

Best PTC Sites - The Clickers Team

This is very exclusive, Best PTC Sites List for 2018 recommended by The Clickers Team.
Those who are following our team knows that we are recommending only long time lasting, stable, strictly trusted and well established PTC sites with spotless reputation.
All PTC sites listed here exist for long time.
They pay members every time on time and they are managed by best admins in “PTC industry”.

While making this annual elite PTC list we gave special attention to rented referrals performance and activity.
As we explained for many times rented referrals are the only way to make money with PTC Sites.
So, with exception of MyFreeShares this is also List of Best rented referrals PTC sites for 2018.

In few simple words, PTC sites listed here are best of the best in the PTC world.

This year our list become even more exclusive because there will be only 6 sites listed (was 10 last year).

Even we would love to list more PTC sites we believe that only this 6 deserve place among Best PTC Sites.

What has been changed on Best PTC Sites List since last year?

Unfortunately during last year one of the best ever PTC site – ClixSense, exclude PTC section.
It is still possible to earn money by doing tasks but its popularity has dramatically dropped after those changes.
As this is list of best PTC sites we have decided to remove ClixSense from our list because it’s not PTC site anymore.

We have also removed DonkeyMails from best PTC Sites 2018 List.
Donkey is paying members (as it always did) but earning potential is too low to be placed on elite PTC list of 2018.
It’s certainly trusted PTC site but it require too much clicking for very modest earnings.
This is the only reason why we have removed Donkey.

ClixTen turned into scam after 5 years. 

FamilyClix removed from list.

This is List of Best PTC Sites for 2018 recommended by The Clickers Team

1. MyFreeShares
2. Scarlet Clicks
3. GPT Planet
4. YouGetProfit
5. Twickerz
6. Neobux

Best PTC Sites 2018 List – MyFreeShares PTC

Best PTC Sites 2018 MyFreeShares

MyFreeShares took first place (same as last year) because of The Clickers Team and our MyFreeShares Team Builder.
This is very trusted PTC site, established for long time and unique in many ways.
For clickers who are able to click many ads, MyFreeShares upgrade is very good deal.
We are recommending Gold Package $50 that comes together with 400 shares and practically endless number of cash and share ads to click.
In the time I am writing this article, current minimum price is 1.30$/10 shares.
It means that you can sell 400 shares for $52 and stay with so many ads reserved for upgraded members.
Until you keep your shares you will earn small daily revenue.
For serious clickers MyFreeShares is win & win situation.
Unlike on any other PTC site, here your earning depend mostly from your own clicks.
However, our team builder can give some extra push for your success on long terms.

MyFreeShares proofs of payments
The Clickers Team’s MyFreeShares Team Builder

Best PTC Sites 2018 List – ScarletClicks PTC

Best PTC Sites 2018 - ScarletClicks

For another year ScarletClicks took highest position on Best PTC Sites List.
With over 650 000 members and with over $1.6 million paid, ScarletClicks become real PTC giant.
ScarletClicks is probably best PTC sites for rented referrals and I am personally always recommending for clickers who are starting with renting referrals.
Rented referrals on Scarlet Clicks are active with good and profitable performance and they are easy to manage.
Rented referral extensions of 90+ days for referrals with average of over 5.2-5.3+, taking benefits from discounts and promos and regular clicking will give guaranteed results.

ScarletClicks Proofs of Payments
ScarletClicks PTC Strategy

Best PTC Sites 2018 List – GPT Planet PTC

Best PTC Sites 2018 - GPT Planet

GPT Planet is very much the same like its bigger brother ScarletClicks with minor differences in renting limits and upgrades.
Same PTC Strategy as we recommend for Scarlet will work very fine at GPT Planet as well.
GPT Planet and Scarlet Clicks are one of very few PTC sites who are still paying via PayPal.
Monthly upgrades are available so you can start your rented referral journey with very small investment.

GPT Planet proof of payments
GPT Planet PTC Strategy

Best PTC Sites 2018 List – YouGetProfit PTC

Best PTC Sites 2018 YouGetProfit PTC

For some it may be surprise that we ranked YouGetProfit in front of its older and bigger sister Twickerz but after long time testing and working on both PTC sites we have decided to give small advantage to YouGetProfit.

There are basically 2 main reasons for that:

1. It require smaller initial investment.
For first year, Silver Upgrade will work very well and it will give you time to build and extend your downline of 500 RR what is limit for silver upgrade.
At Twickerz you will have to take Gold Upgrade immediately and to prepare to lose some money at first, before you reach several hundred RR.

2. YouGetProfit Rented Referrals perform better then Twickerz referrals.

Manual recycling of inactive referrals (6-7 days inactivity) with extensions of 90+ days is best YouGetProfit PTC Strategy.

Fast payments with some restriction (%ROI) that keeps YouGetProfit (and Twickerz) very stable.

YouGetProfit Proofs of Payments

YouGetProfit PTC Strategy

Best PTC Sites 2018 List – Twickerz PTC

Best PTC Sites 2018 - Twickerz PTC

Twickerz is among Best PTC Sites for very long time.
Managed by very experienced admin.
Always paying very fast, rented referrals are generally active and profitable on long extensions.
Desirable RR avg is about 0.7.
Auto recycle will work good enough and it will regulate total rented referrals avg at little bellow 0.7.
According to this average performance any extension of 90+ days will be profitable.

Twickerz Proofs of Payments
Twickerz PTC Strategy

Best PTC Sites 2018 List – Neobux PTC

Best PTC Sites 2018 - Neobux

PTC giant Neobux stay undisputable leader in popularity for another year.
Problem with Paypal was quickly and successfully solved (as expected) and there is no doubt that Neobux will stay strong and in leading position in PTC world in 2018.
The reason why it took last place on our list is explained for few times already.
We found Neobux rented referrals most demanding and challenging to manage.
It is not site that we would recommend to complete newbies regarding rented referrals.
Of course, when it’s done properly there is space to make profit but for beginners it can be a bit difficult.
Apart of that there is very good earning potential in earing by doing simple tasks.
Do not rent referrals as a free member!
When upgrading, wait for discount (you will save money every year) and be sure that you are prepared for very long game before gaining more serious income.

NeoBux Proofs of Payments
We will publish complete Best Neobux rented referrals PTC Strategy in January.

Best PTC Sites 2018 List – Summary

We would like to remind for one more time that you have to be extremely patient and consistent if you want to earn money from PTC sites.
This list is based on our personal experience as long time devoted daily clickers.
All strategies are tested for long time and they work well.
Instead of joining new scam PTC sites every day and clicking hundreds of ads we highly suggest to copy this list and strategies.
You don’t need tens of PTC sites to earn money.
This PTC list is more than enough to build your successful PTC business if you are doing properly..
There is no better time to start with it then now.
Next year in this time you will love results 

We will soon publish updated PTC strategies for all PTC sites listed here but you can also follow strategies that are already presented in PTC Strategy section.
With minor changes they all remain the same in basic aspects.

Happy New 2018 and happy clicking and earnings!

Notice: PTC Sites are highly risky investments. Do not invest money you can’t afford to lose.

8 thoughts on “Best PTC Sites 2018 List

  1. Salemthara Darlong

    what happened to familyclix? why did you remove it from trusted ptc sites lists?

    1. Greatinternetswindle Post author

      We put it back on “testing” status because of rented referrals activity that changed in last 2 weeks.
      Site is paying members but we can’t keep it on best PTC list for now.

  2. Salemthara Darlong

    Please update rented referral strategy soon, i am waiting! Good luck TCT


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