YouGetProfit PTC Review and Best PTC Strategy

By | September 16, 2017

YouGetProfit PTC Review and Best PTC Strategy

yougetprofit PTC

This is YouGetProfit PTC review and best PTC strategy.
As all other PTC strategies described and explained by The Clickers Team, YouGetProfit strategy is tested for long time and works well if you follow very simple steps and rules.

YouGetProfit PTC Review – Basic Info

YouGetProfit PTC was launched exactly 4 years ago (September 2013) as a younger sister site of Twickerz.
Because of its earning potential and because of spotless reputation that entire team who stand behind this two sites enjoy in clickers community, YouGetProfit and Twickerz are listed as recommended sites on The Clickers Team’s elite list of best PTC sites.
Managed by experienced and highly professional team YouGetProfit PTC has quickly become one of “must be member” PTC sites for experienced PTC clickers.
Unfortunately many newbie and “part time” clickers have not recognized this great income opportunity.
Last few months membership is growing faster but it still stay impression that YouGetProfit is unfairly in the shadow of its older sister site.
This can be good for members who are more into getting direct referrals.

In this article we will explain what would be best rented referrals PTC strategy to successfully earn money on YouGetProfit PTC.
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YouGetProfit PTC Review – Upgrades

There is several levels of upgrades and of course it will be determinate by your investing ability which one you will choose.
Since there is no monthly upgrade select carefully which one you can afford.
Please notice that the minimum level that will work fine for renting referrals using our best YouGetProfit PTC strategy is $50 Yearly Silver Upgrade.
This would probably be the best choice for first year except if you are not planning to invest several hundred dollars in your first months.
During first year your renting limit with Silver Upgrade will be set to 500 RR and you will have enough time to extend your downline for long period by reinvesting accumulated earnings.

If you want to progress faster and you can afford it than you should go for higher upgrade and for more rented referrals.
An upgrade will also give 9 x $0.01 forced daily ads to click (you have to stay on page or timer will stop counting) and many ads with smaller value (another few cents/day).
Theoretically you can cover yearly silver upgrade with your own clicks if you don’t miss any day.

It is highly advised to take advantage on discounts and different kind of promotions.
They are not as frequent as it case on some other PTC sites so try not to miss them when they are available.
This will save you some money and very often give some free rented referrals packages.

In this table are shown all levels of upgrades and prices so you can compare benefits of each one:

YouGetProfit PTC Review Upgrades

YouGetProfit PTC – Best Rented Referrals Strategy

Biggest difference between YouGetProfit and its older sister site Twickerz is that YouGetProfit doesn’t have free autorecycling system.
At Twickerz, system will replace rented referrals for free after 5 days of inactivity but this is not case with YouGetProfit.
Here, you will have to recycle referrals manually and you will have to do it regularly.

All YouGetProfit rented referrals will have good AVG at the end of first month but they also have limited longevity.
Rented referrals who are not active for last 5-6 days most probably will never wake up again (tested many times).
Recycle those referrals and you will receive new referrals that will remain active for certain period of time.
This PTC strategy will keep your downline activity on app. 1.50-1.55+ in average.
Once you extend referrals for long period of time you will be in profit including the fact you will have to pay 0.05$ to replace inactive referrals.

On this graph you can see the difference in number of daily clicks before and after recycling in just few days
For the purpose of this blog I let referrals without recycling for some time.
Then I have started to recycle them in groups for 3 days.
First day those who are inactive for 7+ days, next those of 6 days, and last day those who did not click for 5 days.
As you can see number of clicks has significantly improved each day increasing AVG from 1.42 to 1.58 in just 4 days.

Yougetprofit PTC RR Strategy

YouGetProfit Rented Referrals Strategy – General Tip

Remember that it is much better to have 50 referrals extended for long time then 200 for 30 days only
Calculate well those expenses when purchasing upgrade and referral packages.
I know it’s difficult sometimes to wait but you have to be patient and build your downline step by step.

Rent referrals in smaller packages and extend them for minimum 90 days or higher.
Once you extended first 100-150 referrals go for another smaller pack and keep renting till you reach limit of 500.
This 500 referrals and your own clicks will generate about $3.30-3.50 per day ($0.004 referral click rate for Silver Upgrade).

To summarize: the best YouGetProfit PTC strategy is to extend rented referrals as long as possible and to recycle early (5-6 days) those who are inactive.

YouGetProfit Rented Referrals

Be patient during first renting month and do not recycle those referrals.
At the end of month big majority of referrals will have about same AVG.
Those who stopped clicking after extension recycle and do not let referrals to expire.
All referrals perform well, just recycle those who are not active last 5-6 days.
Members have to click 4 ads minimum to receive earnings from referrals next day.
Cost of referral is $0.20 (for first 250), recycling $0.05.
Loosing rented referral cost $0.04.

In this table you can see discounts on long extensions (read profit) and minimum AVG required to cover expenses.
To repeat one more time using our best YouGetProfit PTC strategy your AVG will be around 1.50-1.55 at least.

YouGetProfit PTC Review RR Tables

As you can see there is nice space to make profit with long extensions.
Referral recycling (and initial upgrade investment) will reduce this earnings but you will still be in profit.
Autopay is good choice in the beginning.
Once you extend most of rented referral for at least 90 days turn autopay off.

YouGetProfit Shares

As an optional way to earn members can invest into shares.
This feature doesn’t exist on Twickerz.
One $25 share will generate $30 before it expire.
There is no exact information after how long share will expire but it took some months when we tested.
Each share comes in package with 2000 PTC credits and banners as an extra bonus.

YouGetProfit Payments

Fast payments, within 7 business days officially, but usually faster.

Accepting: Payza Perfect Money, Bitcoin

The minimum cashout for first is $2.00 for all types of membership.

A stepped-up cashout in this order: $2 – $5.00 – $7.00 – $10.00.

YouGetProfit Proofs of Payments

YouGetProfit Summary

For clickers who are serious about earning from PTC sites and who are able to invest some money YouGetProfit certainly deserve place on daily “to click” PTC list..
YouGetProfit PTC have good earning potential and profitable rented referrals.
If you managed them correctly there will be good space to make profit.
As always patience and consistence is required.

Once you follow and implement this YouGetProfit best PTC Strategy you can be sure that you will have good results.

Happy clicking and earnings.

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