Twickerz PTC Review and Best PTC Strategy

By | September 13, 2017

Twickerz PTC Review and Best PTC Strategy

Twickerz PTC

This is Twickerz PTC review and best PTC strategy.
Twickerz PTC Strategy is tested for long time and it include all relevant and important info about how to successfully earn money with this long-lasting PTC site.

Twickerz PTC Review Basic Info

Launched back in 2011, Twickerz has earned and deserved undisputable reputation as highly trustful PTC site over time.
This is also primary reason why Twickerz PTC is listed at The Clickers Team’s exclusive list of best PTC Sites.

Good and realistic earning potential, satisfying rented referrals performance, managed by experienced, professional and very active admin, excellent support, affordable advertising prices, and fast payments are best Twickerz qualities.

In all aspects it gives impression that Twickerz is PTC site that strongly stand on solid ground. Especially after overcoming “forced divorce” with Paypal about a year ago.

In 2013 Twickerz admin has launched another successful PTC site: YouGetProfit.
YouGetProfit is also listed as one of recommended PTC sites by The Clickers Team.
See also: YouGetProfit PTC Review and Best PTC Strtaegy

Twickerz PTC Upgrades

At the beginning we have to underline that renting referrals as free member is not good idea.
You will not be able to cover cost of rented referral as free member because referral click rate is too low for free membership.
As always, an upgrade is the only solution to earn from PTC sites with rented referrals.

Clickers who are short with budget will be disappointed but unlike some other PTC sites Twickerz doesn’t offer monthly upgrade possibility (same as Neobux).
You will have to take entire package at once and to invest more than just few dollars to join the game by taking Yearly Gold Upgrade (regular price $100/year).
Also, be ready that it will take time to receive back initial investment.

Occasionally there will be different kind of promos when you will be able to get upgrade on discounted price what is highly suggested.
Take advantage of such promotions. Usually those are good deals with nice bonuses.

Premium (Silver) Upgrade ($25/year) is not good choice because it will not increase rented referral click rate.
This upgrade can be acceptable for those who have certain number of active direct referrals but to earn from rented referrals you will have to go minimum for Gold one.

Gold Upgrade will raise rented referral click value to $0.01 (from $0.005) and ONLY then renting referrals will be profitable by following our simple Twickerz PTC Strategy.
With Gold Upgrade members can rent to up to 1000 rented referrals.
There will be 9 x$0.01 daily ads to click and many ads with smaller value.
You have to click minimum 4 ads daily to earn from your referrals tomorrow.

Twickerz Best PTC Strategy

Twickerz Strategy is tested for long time and it’s based on my personal experience.

Same as it case with all PTC sites regarding RR you will have to extend referrals for long time and make profit by getting discount on such long extensions.
In Twickerz case this extension goes up to 730 days long and it bring discount up to 40%

Twickerz PTC RR Discounts

Remember that it is better to have 50 rented referrals that are extended for long time, than 200 referrals rented for 30 days only.
When you buy rented referrals packages ($0.20/referral) calculate well your budget and be sure you will have enough funds for long extension that will come after 30 days.
This will maximize your profit.

Also, think about rented referrals “levels limits”.
Price goes up for 1 cent per referral (including for extending old ones) after each group of 250 rented referrals.
It is much better to extend those first group for long time under cheaper price and then jump to next limit level.
Do not let rented referrals to expire (it cost $0.03) and most of all be patient and consistent.

Twickerz PTC RR Price

Twickerz Rented Referrals Activity

Generally speaking Twickerz rented referrals are good enough regarding activity.
Most rented referrals will generate similar number of clicks after first 30 days.

There is a free autorecycle system for inactive rented referrals after 5 days.
System will replace such inactive referrals automatically.
Over time this autorecycle system will filter active rented referrals but you have to know that referrals will have limited period of activity and that some referrals will always be replaced for new ones.

If you want to replace inactive referrals sooner than 5 days when system will replace them for free it will cost $0.05 per referral.
Personally, I think this is not best rented referrals strategy but you can always test by yourself is it worth.

Without manual recycling, after some time, your AVG in total will be around 0.63-0.67.

In this table you can see exact discounts and minimum AVG needed to cover cost of referral.
Difference between minimum required AVG and real AVG is pure profit.

Twickerz Strategy Charts

As you can see already 90 days extension will perform very well for AVG that you will surely have by letting system to recycle inactive rented referrals.
More longer extension will skyrocket your profit.

Enabling AutoPay will extend your referral (with small discount) for one more day once they make the first click on the day.
It is good tool to use it in the beginning.
Disable autopay once you extend referrals for longer period of time.

Twickerz PTC Payments

Twickerz payments are processing fast, usually in 48-72 hours.

Accepting: Payza, BitCoin, Perfect Money, Solid Trust

The minimum cashout first time is $1.50 for all types of membership.

A stepped-up cashout system applied in this order: $1.50 – $3.00 – $5.00 – $7.00 – $10.00.

The Maximum you can cashout depends on your Membership
Free members – $10.00 every 10 days
Premium members – $25.00 every 7 days
Gold Members – $50.00 every 4 days
Platinum Members – $50.00 every 3 days
Ultimate Members – $100.00 – Daily

Twickerz Proof of Payments

Twickerz PTC Conclusion

Even it require little bit higher initial investment Twickerz is certainly great PTC site.
It offers good income opportunity for patient and consistent clickers.
Twickerz PTC enjoy a great reputation in clickers community as highly professional, stable and trustful PTC site with good reason.
Active and experienced admin and team as well as fast growing membership is good sign that Twickerz PTC have a bright future in PTC world.

Happy clicking and earnings

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