Best FamilyClix PTC Strategy

By | September 11, 2017

Best FamilyClix PTC Strategy







This is complete, easy to follow and longtime tested best FamilyClix PTC Strategy.

The Clickers Team have recognized great potential of this PTC site at the end of 2016 when we placed FamilyClix as “youngest” PTC site on our exclusive, strictly trusted, Best PTC Sites List.

Today is 3 full years since FamilyClix was launched and we are happy that we have recommended it to our members in “early stage”.

Surviving and being successful in so called “PTC industry” for 3 years is some respectful achievement.

Familyclix is PTC site with very good earning potential. Also, it stands on realistic, reasonable and stable ground.

So, what would be best FamilyClix PTC Strategy?

FamilyClix Rented Referrals PTC Strategy

Clickers who are reading and following our blog knows that I have personally always recommended ScarletClicks as the best PTC site to start with rented referrals.
However if I have to select today one particular site which I would recommend to everyone who is starting with rented referrals it would definitely be FamilyClix and there is at least four good reasons for that:

  • Members can start renting referrals and be in profit even as free member
  • Quality of rented referrals
  • Easy to manage rented referrals
  • Very affordable upgrades

Generally speaking, FamilyClix rented referrals are active, with stable and profitable AVG.
But most of all, they are SUPER EASY to manage. All rented referrals will have very similar AVG that will gravitate around 0.7.
That is desirable AVG and you will be in small profit (1c) even without long extension (0.7×30 days=$0.21) and even as a free member.
With discount that comes with long extensions your profit will be maximized.

Here is table that shows what average will cover cost of RR based on extensions.
I want to repeat one more time that all rented referrals will have AVG around 0.7.

FamilyClix Strategy Charts

You don’t have to recycle inactive rented referrals.
System will autorecycle inactive referrals for free after 5 days and this will work very fine.
So nothing to worry about. It’s not brain breaker and anyone can do it easily.

All you have to do is to extend RR as longer as you can.

In the beginning you can enable autopay but be sure that you have some funds on purchase balance or autopay will not work.
Once you can extend majority of rented referrals for 60-90+ days you can turn off autopay.

It’s good to know that FamilyClix is one of very few PTC Sites that have same rate per rented referral clicks for free and for upgraded members and it’s 0.01$ per click.
This is really rare case in PTC world and it gives opportunity to everyone to start building business even if you can’t afford to invest any money.
It will take long time till you reach certain amount to rent more than few RR from your own clicks only and to be honest it’s wasting of your time.
Small initial investment of let’s say 10$-$20 will significantly speed up earning process.
Personally, I suggest to rent smaller packages but to extend them for minimum 90 days. It all depend from your investment ability but it’s advised to extend existing RR for long time and then to rent new package.

FamilyClix PTC Strategy Upgrades

As a free member you will have low limit in renting referrals and once you see how well FamilyClix rented referrals perform I am sure you would like to have some more.
This brings us to FamilyClix Upgrades where we have good news again.

FamilyClix upgrades are reasonable, affordable and one of the cheapest among PTC sites in general.

Starting at only $2.5 per month an upgrade will give you access to more ads including 6 ads of $0.01 value.
If you want to click as much ads as possible then you should start clicking (from bottom to top) right after server reset.
There is many ads to click that have certain daily limit and once the limit is reached those ads will not appear during day anymore.
So, if you want more ads to click start clicking right after daily reset.
All this ads will accumulate enough to cover upgrade but much more important is that an upgrade will lift your rented referrals limit to 200/500.

FamilyClix upgrades are generally speaking “direct referrals oriented”.
Upgrades makes differences in direct referral clicks value and regarding rented referrals rate is same for all memberships but there are differences between maximum numbers of rented referrals.
For first year it will be enough to take Sister Yearly Upgrade under very reasonable price of $25/year.
This upgrade will allow you to rent up to 400 referrals.
It will take time till you generate enough earnings to extend all of them for at least 90 days so this upgrade will be enough for first year and you will be able to make nice profit.

FamilyClix PTC Strategy Other Tips

As one from several unique features that FamilyClix offers to members are memberships levels (not same as upgrade).
Each level will make you instant bonus once you fulfill required limits of direct referrals and total investments.
You can withdraw money more frequently and invest back to reach faster required investments limits

If you already reached limit in renting referrals follow promotional offers.
Those offers are usually not counted into limit and you can purchase some RR packages when they are available.
It’s good to check this into chat before you purchase package and confirm with support it is allowed.
Like on any other PTC site it’s always suggested to use available discounts and promos.

FamilyClix PTC Strategy – Shares

Shares are another way to earn money on FamilyClix.
It is also good option for those who already reached RR limit but they want to invest (reinvest) some more.
You can buy shares for $5. Each share will generate $0.06 per day making $6 in total after 100 days.
For every shares package you will receive 200 PTC credits as an extra bonus.

FamilyClix PTC Strategy – My Personal Stats

Here are my personal stats at the moment so you can have better scope into earning potential of FamilyClix.
Total investments $220
Pending $19
Yearly upgrade expire in 3 months (December)
This is my first yearly upgrade and all earnings are from last 14 months so I double my investment and have 500 extended referrals for that period.
Rented Referrals 500: 150 from 150-240 days; 200 60-100 days

Following this easy FamilyClix PTC strategy you can expect this AVG:

App 2430 clicks in last 7 days from 500 rented referrals makes an avg of 0.6942
It means that members will be in profit with any extension but as we say the longer the better.
Do not let rented referrals with low average to expire. It will cost you up to 5 cents/referral depending of your membership.
Just extend them as they are performing normally and if needed system will replace them after 5 days for free.
As we say this works very fine.
500 RR will generate about $3.30-$3.50 per day + about $0.10 from your own clicks

FamilyClix Stats

FamilyClix PTC Strategy – Payments

One of the fastest payments among all PTC Sites usually done in 48-72 hours.
I have received money every time on time for 32 times till now in last 14 months.
As a free member best will be to ask your payment right after site reset because there is certain daily limit of free withdrawals.
For upgraded members there is no such restriction and you can ask payment any time each 7 days.
Maximum amount that members can withdraw depend on membership.
FamilyClix is accepting payza, bitcoins, payeer, perfect money and solid trust.
Minimum payout is $2

All FamilyClix Proofs of Payment

FamilyClix PTC Startegy – Summary

As we say at the beginning of this article we are happy that we have recognized potential and introduced FamilyClix to our members relatively early.
It is site which, by my personal opinion, make the biggest progress in 2017 and become an elite site with fast growing membership.
Several unique features, motivational referral rewards system, on time payments, affordable advertising, shares investment opportunity, respectful online reputation and professional team behind FamilyClix should be enough reasons for every PTC clicker to give a try with FamilyClix.

For the end it’s important to say that FamilyClix have creative, professional and very active admin as well as always friendly and fast responsive support.

We wish happy earnings to our members and happy 3rd birthday to FamilyClix.

3 thoughts on “Best FamilyClix PTC Strategy

  1. PulseOfLife

    Hello 🙂

    I noticed this site was recently marked as having potential problems. Did something happen with it? Some change in policy? Problems with payments?
    I’ve been clicking on it for nearly 3 weeks and I’d like to know if it would be wise to continue. O.o


    1. Greatinternetswindle Post author

      All is fine with payments even they change regulations every few weeks.
      It’s another problem regarding RR and number of clicks.
      Also their forum is censored and all post with complains are removed from forum.
      That’s always bad sign.


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