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It should not be big surprise that one of the oldest paid to click and paid to read sites, Donkey Mails, found its place on our Strictly Trusted PTC Sites List.

Since 2005, Donkey Mails remains on top of the list of best PTC sites keeping things simple but efficient. 11 years later it still going strong and it is labeled as “highly trusted” PTC site from our list including all other sites from MultiMoneyGroup* (scroll down*).

What is earning potential and best PTC strategy at Donkey Mails? No Minimum Payout

Here are information about earning possibilities for free members. For upgraded members, situation is very different and if you are serious daily clicker could be very good to get some more detailed info about how much you can earn as an upgraded member in an article “Is it Worth to Upgrade on Donkey Mails?” It’s worth to read it before you decide to upgrade or not.

Even in the beginning it can look that earnings are miserable, after closer look you will realize that things are much better than it looks at first sight. Particularly if you know what are you doing because there is many ways to earn and much more earning possibilities than just clicking ads.

Ways to earn money at Donkey Mails

1. Paid to click

Cash ads

As a free member you will receive ads of low value but you will receive many of them. Sometimes it looks they are endless. However, value of this ads is very low and its question is it worth to click all of them. Personally, the lowest I am clicking are those of $0.002 value and not all of them.
Good thing about Donkey is that you don’t have to stay on page and wait for timer. It gives possibility to multitask a bit and work on few PTC sites at the same time.

Point ads

After all cash links are listed you will arrive on section where you will get Points ads to click. Points can be used in exchange for advertising. For example, I am exchanging them for traffic exchange credits. Part of credits I use to promote No-minimum PTC where members earn $0.30 per 1000 unique hits for promoting PTP link and other part I use to promote The Clickers Team of course. I found Donkey Mails traffic exchange much more responsive than ordinary traffic exchanges are.

2. Paid to read

Read messages. There is few mails every day and it’s worth to click them. Mails are worth $0.0025 to 0.01.

3. Paid to signup

There is really large list of paid to signup offers and this is surely the fastest way to earn more serious amount of money. Upon finishing an offer it will take 24-48 hours till offer is validated and your account credited since it’s been doing manually. Check “paid to sign-up section” i am sure you will find some easy to do offers including many of those where you will have to sign-up only. It can be done in minutes.

4. Paid to promote

This is the point where things become more interesting. Donkey Mail has probably the best paid to promote offer around.
Members will earn $0.50 for every 1000 unique hits they send to special PTP url that looks like this:

You have to know that only hits from selected sources are valid for Donkey paid to promote. You can find full listing under paid to promote section or check our article “Where to promote Donkey Mails”. In that article we have listed and explained best traffic sources and best Donkey promotion strategy. All other approved sources that are not on our list deliver minimal traffic and it’s question is it worth to spend time on those sites. With our strategy it’s realistic to make about $0.10 per day. In the beginning it will take some time till you accumulate enough traffic exchange credits, but later, it should not take more than 1-2 hours every 2-3 days. It’s up to you to decide is it worth or not but in case you choose Donkey Mails as a regular PTC site on your PTC list it might be good idea to consider to work on promotion too and increase daily income.

5. Referring

Only 10% commission from already low value ads is all you will earn from direct referrals. But again, things are better as it looks.
The real power of Donkey Mails referral system is that members are receiving commission on all referral activities on 5 levels! Theoretically someone can refer only one person but this person can bring in 100s of referrals and everyone 5 level up will get paid from their activity. That is reason why it might be good idea to slowly build your downline over time because it will grow exponentially on higher levels.
Earnings by levels: 10%, 5%, 3%, 2%, 1%

The Clickers Team is launching My Free Shares team builder that is also 5 levels deep but it have higher commissions and earnings potential comparing Donkey. This multilevel referral systems are just great for team builders.

Using all of this income sources at the same time would be the best Donkey Mails PTC strategy:

If you are not good in referring but you are passionate daily clicker and you want to make money with PTC sites by your own clicks, Donkey could be good choice for you.
There is several different levels of upgrades. We found this two as best deals: Yearly Super Donkey and Yearly Huge Donkey Upgrade. You can find all important info and full review of Yearly Super Donkey Upgrade in our article “Is it Worth to Upgrade at Donkey Mails?”

Donkey Mails is probably one of 3 most trusted PTC sites from our “strictly trusted PTC sites list” (along with Neobux and Clixsense). It stand on strong healthy basis and on real online business for over decade. Since there is no 100% secure when it comes to PTC sites, we can say that Donkey is 99.9% trusted PTC site.

Accepting all major payment processors including PayPal. Low minimum payout of $1 only. Payments done every two weeks.

Referral stats that practically not exist what is general weak point for all Donkey group PTC sites and very rare site updates. Site looks like nobody touch it for decade but in the other hand, why to change things that already works well. Apart of this minor remarks, site is managing and operating by professional staff.


Donkey Mails Proof of Payment

Donkey Mails is the most famous representative of group of sites operated by MultiMoneyGroup. Those sites include No-Minimum PTC, YouRo Mail, Jill’s Click Corner, My Free Shares and few others.

My Free Shares
My Free Shares took very special place for The Clickers Team and it’s surely site with highest earning potential comparing other sites from Donkey Mail group. The Clickers Team is first and only team who is building ACTIVE downline at My Free Shares for its members
To read more about My Free Shares and how to make money with The Clickers Team please read our article “Best My Free Shares PTC Strategy

No-Minimum PTC

In many aspects Donkey’s sister site No-Minimum PTC looks the same as Donkey but there are certain differences which generally makes it less popular.
No-Minimum paid to promote is at lower rate as at Donkey Mails, of $0.30 per 1000 unique hits
There is less ads to click and earning potential is generally lower.

Jill’s Click Corner
I didn’t spend too much time on this site. Honestly speaking there are much better ways to spend always insufficient time than to click ads here. This was good PTC site, but some 7-8 years ago.

YouRo Mail
Except getting some Donkey PTP hits I don’t see reason to make any bigger effort. Reading mails and visiting only highest ads will be enough to exchange this earning to cover the cost of poorly distributed traffic exchange credits.

3 thoughts on “PTC Review – Donkey Mails

  1. more info

    If you don’t upgrade your membership then it could take a year to earn a whole dollar! (Yes, I am being slightly sarcastic on that but not much.)

    1. Greatinternetswindle Post author

      I agree, clicking ads as free memebr will not earn you much money. Guess it’s better to work on paid to signup offers as free member. If you combine paid to promote, mails, offers and cash links you will make some money and earn some advertising as well. There are no forced ads so you can do in same time with some other sites. Finally once you build downline over 5 levels it can be good enough even quite some serious work is required. Anyway it’s PTC site with probably highest reputation as trusted for over decade.

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