Proofs of Payment February 2017 – Best PTC Sites

Here are proofs of payments received in Fabruary 2017 from Best PTC Sites recommended by The Clickers Team

Proof of Payment Scarlet Clicks

ScarletClicks Proof February 2017

Scarlet Clicks Proof of payment $58.79 (paypal)

ScarletClicks Proof February 2017

Scarlet Clicks Proof of payment $35.19 (paypal)

Total Scarlet Clicks February 2017 $93.98

Proof of Payment GPT Planet

GPT Planet Proof February 2017

GPT Planet Proof of payment $29.67 (paypal)

Proof of Payment FamilyClix

FamilyClix February 2017

FamilyClix Proof of payment $20.00 (Payza)

FamilyClix Proof February14th 2017

FamilyClix Proof of payment $20.00 (Payza)

Total FamilyClix Fabruary payments 2017 $40

Proof of Payment Neobux

Neobux Proof February 2017

Neobux Proof of payment $41.83

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2 thoughts on “Proofs of Payment February 2017 – Best PTC Sites

  1. Patsidis Athanasios

    Hi, I’d like to ask you some questions about ptc sites. I’m about to start renting referrals because that’s the most trustworthy investment in internet in my opinion. I read your article about rented referrals and I have some questions. 1; if I have a couple of bucks to invest what Doyle recommend me to do? First upgrade and then about 100 referrals at once or should I begin from the bottom? I’d be glad to read your answer. Greetings

    1. Greatinternetswindle Post author

      Hello Athanasios,

      Renting referrals without upgrade is wrong on most of sites.

      The only one when you will get same RR click value as free memeber is FamilyClix.

      On all others you will have to upgrade and have at least 100-150 to get enough money to cover expenses.

      Probably the easiest to start would be ScarletClicks, since you can upgrade monthly and rented referrals are bit cheaper comparing other sites.

      You will not be in instant profit with RR so when you think of renting bigger ammount of RR think that you will have to extend them in 30 days for longer period of time.

      At the end it all depend of how much you can invest.


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