5 Best Rented Referrals PTC Sites 2017 List

By | January 12, 2017

This is list of 5 Best Rented Referrals PTC Sites for 2017.

It’s shorten version of The Clickers Team’s Best PTC Sites 2017 List and it’s mainly focused on rented referrals performance.

This selection of PTC sites is mostly based on my personal experience after testing activity and profitability of rented referrals for long time but it’s also confirmed by many PTC clickers and friends.

1. Scarlet Clicks Rented Referrals

Best rented refrrals PTC sites - Scarlet

We have already talked that Scarlet Clicks is best possible choice for everyone who is new in renting referrals.

Once selected Scarlet Clicks rented referrals will remain active for very long time (forever) and managing them is super easy.

AVG of 6+ is considered to be very good and you should extend such rented referrals as much longer as you can afford and benefit from discounts of such long extensions.
You’ll be in profit for sure.

Personally, I am not recycling Scarlet Clicks rented referrals and I let bad ones to expire.

Another reason why Scarlet Clicks is good for newbies is possibility to build your account step by step, without big initial investment.
It will be enough to rent 50 referrals ($7.5) and to purchase monthly silver upgrade ($5) to start.
You don’t have to go immediately for golden yearly upgrade as it case on some other PTC sites.

In the beggining autopay will work very fine.

Here is Scarlet Clicks cost per rented referral and autopay price

Best Rented Referrals PTC Sites

If you are not member of Scarlet Clicks or if you are but you are not renting referrals it’s time you start to do it.

Reinvesting accumulated earnings for several months will skyrocket your PTC income.
You can find all the details and earning stats in article: Scarlet Clicks 1 Year Upgraded and Rented Referrals Stats
You are going to be surprised how much money Scarlet Clicks accumulated in 1 year just by reinvesting earnings.

Be patient regarding upgrades and wait for the right moment.
You don’t have to go for gold one immediately but also do not take yearly silver upgrade.
Stay on monthly silver till you reach limit than change it to gold.

Once you have enough money wait for discount or “add funds bonus” and purchase Golden Yearly Upgrade.

Scarlet Clicks is online and paying members since 2009.

More info about Scarlet Clicks Rented Referrals PTC Strategy and Scarlet Clicks proofs of payments

2. GPT Planet Rented Referrals

Best rented refrrals PTC sites - GPT Planet

Scarlet’s younger brother, GPT Planet is very much same regarding successful PTC strategy and rented referrals activity.
There are really minor differences between this to sites.
For example, on GPT Planet rented referral limits is only 100 RR for monthly silver upgrade.
Also, there is small, but really small, difference in RR activity with impression that Scarlet Clicks performing slightly better.
However, GPT Planet rented referrals are very active and profitable, especially on long term extensions.
AVG of 5.8 is acceptable and AVG of 6+ is very good.
Same as on Scarlet Clicks recycling is not necessary.

Enabling Autopay will extend rented referrals who clicked at least one ad that day for another day.
Autopay will also provide discount on rented referral price and it’s good to use it. Especially in the beginning.
Once you extend your selected rented referrals for over 90 days turn it off.

GTP Planet is certainly great PTC for renting good quality referrals.

Online and paying members since 2010.

Here is GPT Planet cost per rented refrral and autopay price

Best Rented Referrals PTC Sites

Scarlet Clicks and GPT Planet rented referrals charts

Best Rented Referrals PTC Sites

More info about GTP Planet Rented Referrals PTC Strategy and GPT Planet proofs of payments

3.YouGetProfit Rented Referrals

Newbie in our list best PTC sites for 2017. and younger sister site of Twickerz.

Active and profitable rented referrals.

Some managing of inactive referrals is required but basically it’s easy to keep your rented downline active.

There is no autorecycling so you will have to replace inactive referrals manually.

Those rented referrals who didn’t click for last 7-8 days will most probably never click again disregarding current avg.

Desirable avg gravitate between 1.5-1.6

4. FamilyClix Rented Referrals

Best Rented Referrals PTC Sites - Familyclix

We already mentioned when explaining why FamilyClix took place as newcomer on our Best PTC Sites 2017 List that this PTC site makes fantastic progress previous year.

If you can afford, investing couple of dollars in this VERY promising PTC site could be a good idea.

FamilyClix rented referrals activity is satisfying and managing them is super easy.

Also, FamilyClix probably offers best possible deal to start with rented referrals.
You don’t even have to upgrade to start earning by renting referrals.
FamilyClix rented referral click rate is SAME for free and for upgraded members and that is quite rare situation in PTC world.

If you have very limited budget than this could be site to start with and to build your first successful rented referrals money maker over time.

FamilyClix rented referral performance.

All FamilyClix rented referrals are performing about the same with difference of few clicks per month only.
In total they will averaging about 0.7 what is in this case desirable RR performance that will put you in profit with long extensions.

There is free recycling for inactive referrals that works very fine so personally I am not recycling my referrals.

Cheap and affordable upgrades start as $3 per month only and cost can practically be covered with your own clicks but as we say an upgrade is not required till you don’t reach renting limit.

For those who are able to invest little bit more money there is nice share revenue opportunity.
1 share cost $5 and it will stay active for 100 days accumulating 6 cents per day making 6$ in total.
By purchasing shares you will also receive some advertising credits as an extra bonus.

Combining rented referrals and shares turns to be quite successful FamilyClix PTC Strategy.

Enabling autopay in the beginning is good idea but once you extend your referrals for over 90+ days turn it off.

FamilyClix is the youngest PTC site on our exclusive list of Best PTC Sites 2017 but we have strong reasons to believe it will stay in business for long time.
Very fast payments (48h) and excellent management since 2014!

More info about FamilyClix Rented Referrals PTC Strategy and FamilyClix proofs of payments.

5. Twickerz Rented Referrals

Best Rented Referrals PTC Sites - Twickerz

An Elite PTC Sites that offers nice rented referral money making opportunity but with some restrictions regarding withdrawal amount that is 150% of total investment.
Anyway, this is not something to worry about.

Very fast payments will allow you to withdraw and reinvest practically same money and to quickly increase withdrawal limit.

Rented referrals performance is satisfying and mostly uniformed.

Same as it case on FamilyClix AVG of 0.7 will work well on long term extensions.

Autopay with 15% discount in the begging is probably best idea.
Together with auto recycling it will filter good referrals over time

During first days referrals will have different AVG (some even very small ones) but before expiration they will mostly have satisfying AVG or they will be auto recycled before.
So, do not let bad referrals to expire (it also cost $0.03).
Instead, extended them if necessary for some more time and let autopay and auto recycle filter them.

Unfortunately there is no monthly upgrade so it require higher investment at once in the beginning.
Wait for some promotion or discount before upgrading.
Usually you can get 10% bonus funds and 100RR for free if you wait for the good moment.

Here is Twickerz cost per rented refrral and autopay price

Best Rented Referrals PTC Sites

Twickerz Rented Referrals Charts

Twickerz how much1

Complete Twickerz Rented Referrals PTC Strategy in one of our very next articles.

Where is Neobux on this list?

Maybe some will be surprised because Neobux didn’t took place on our list of Top 5 rented referrals PTC sites.
Even Neobux is PTC giant and great PTC site generally, rented referral performance and activity is not satisfying to be listed in top 5 rented referrals PTC sites by our opinion.

Managing Neobux rented referrals is demanding and least profitable (if any) among other PTC sites from our list.

It also require “big bite” to enter the game since you will have to pay Gold Yearly Upgrade (wait for annual Neobux discounts) and also to extend selected referrals for 240 days minimum.
There is much more to say about Neobux rented referrals and we will publish this article in near future but for now, Neobux doesn’t deserve place in top 5.

Start Renting Referrals on Best Rented Referrals PTC Sites

That would be The Clickers Team’s list of 5 best rented referrals PTC sites in 2017.

If you are not doing PTC sites by renting referrals please take some time to read our previous articles about making money with PTC sites.

Rented referrals are KEY for your PTC success.

On The Clickers Team’s page you can find all information for every particular site.
Our PTC strategies are tested and proven for long time.
All you have to do is to copy them and to stay consistent and persistent.

34 thoughts on “5 Best Rented Referrals PTC Sites 2017 List

  1. Sean

    Hi admin, I looked at joining scarlet clicks but the pay per referral click on silver membership is 0.0008 per click.

    This means you would need all your referrals to average 11 clicks per day. How can this ever be profitable?? Thanks

    1. Greatinternetswindle Post author

      Hello Marianne,

      My personal opinion about Grandbux is not positive but again, it’s just my opinion.

      I am not sure they would survive for another year.

      1. Luc

        can tell me not positive is like what ? i not want fail rent RR like neobux, that daily click always between BEP (like someone already command how much RR click daily)

      2. Micky

        Respected Sir,
        As you said I tried all 5 sites of above but only Twicker and family clix are likely you said other site don’t pay to much on remaining site I come along only 0.1$ were only familyclix and Twicker I reachs above 1$ and on neobux I cross 5$ .
        Please suggest some good site s to me .
        Thank You

        1. Greatinternetswindle Post author

          Hello Micky,

          Did you tried to upgarde and rent some referrals aswe explained in strategies?

          Just clicking ads will not make you money.

          Please check our articles.

          Best Regards

      3. Romulo

        Excellent Top Greatinternetswindle I was looking for a solid PTC with a very good income from Direct Referrals other than Neo or Scarlet or GPTPlanet since I already in there, I was thinking in maybe Grandbux or Buxvertise but them I check your comment of ”I am not sure they would survive for another year” I would like to know what is happening with this site if is possible, also what solid PTC will you recomend me with good income from ”Direct” Referrals.
        Thanks a lot in advantage.

        1. Greatinternetswindle Post author

          Hello Romulo,

          I would sugest to try with FamilyClix for direct erferrals.

          It’s good clcking rate even for free members.

          Grandbux is just my impression about that site and it doesn’t neccessary mean there is something wrong there but i have some doubts about they will last long.

          Buxvertise have small earning potential and bad RR avg.

  2. Patsidis Athanasios

    Hello, I’d like to start building my campaign too but before I do this I want to have a professional advice from an expert of rented referrals. So I like this model with the big amount of referrals but I don’t know still how exactly it works. What I’d like to ask is how am I sure that my referrals aren’t another scam of Internet? I’m a bit suspicious because the last year I have found a lot of scams in internet and I lost my investments 2 times in this year. I like the ptc sites because they are more direct and more personal as software, I mean people work on them mostly and then bots. I’d like to have some Infos before I begin. Regards

    1. Greatinternetswindle Post author

      Hello Athanasios

      PTC sites always have high risk for investment.

      I suggest you to stay with sites that exist for long time, 4-5 years minimum.

      This is not 100% safe but at least they have confirmed reputation.

  3. Jose

    thanks for info –
    have you tried any of theses family sites ? Cliquestria , Cliquebook , Uniclique ?
    I signed up with them before reading this article . Just curious if they are ok

    1. Greatinternetswindle Post author


      I am not member there but opening several sites in short period of time is usually not good sign if it comes from the same owner.

      In any case it’s advised to be careful with investments.

      Best Regards

  4. Nanak

    Hi there,
    I have recently joined family clix and rented 50 RR.
    The next day I saw that I’m receiving only one click per RR whereas i thought that I”ll be receiving 4 clicks from each (to mention I’m having a baby subscription at this moment).
    I spent $10 renting RRs and after my calculations I found that i’ll be at loss ultimately.
    Got to know that family clix has a RR avg of 0.7 approximately.
    So now if we calculate total money earned after 30 days
    0.7*$0.01*50*30=$10.5 only.
    I’ll only profit $0.5 and that too is uncertain. Avg may drop to 0.6 or even to 0.5.
    I remember that i have clicked all the 4 standard adds the previous day of renting rrs.
    Today I have clicked each and every adds expecting some changes to see tomorrow.
    The question that’s eating up my head is whether i’ll be able to make up my money at the end of this month or not.
    And also get me known the daily clicks per rr in family clix and other sites mentioned above.

    1. Greatinternetswindle Post author


      Average is about 0.7.. do not recycle it will recycle automaticaly.

      However if you extend existing referrals after 30 days for long period of time (for example 90 days) you will receive discount and get higher profit.

      Also, give all referrals some time. IN the beginning it’s not same AVG but after 1 month it will be app. the same.

      Hope this helps.


    1. Greatinternetswindle Post author

      Hello Meleiro,

      There is Referral Marketplace on FamilyClix where you can buy referrals and see their exact statistic how they perform.

      GPT planet and Twickerz also have it but i never tried to buy referrals so can’t help with some more info.

      First site you asked really doesn’t look as professional at the moment. The other one is basically selling signups i guess since they guarantee 30+ referrals.

      However you should know that this type of referrals, coming from paid to signup sites, are performing VERY bad. You will receive few clicks (usually any) from such referrals.

      Also price of $0.50/referral sign up is expensive.

      You can find paid to signup sites where you can get them 30-50% cheaper.

      Hope this helps.


  5. Michael

    i am a member of GPT Planet since Jan 2017 and invested there. now is asked my first Payment. but the first request (PM) was deleted without any reason. the second (Payza) is now pending 8 days. i saw about this long time i can’t anything there.
    So i think this “stable” site is stable because the members can’t earn real money there.
    The earnings on this site are very low with a high membership and much to invest.

    i think familyclix is much more better (they paid me). here it is possible to extend (from the earnings) and get a nice profit. it cost much time, but it is profitable and the rr avg is after some time very stable.
    i buyed some Shares to increase my income as free member! i invested in this site too.

    hope this helps

  6. Jaouad

    Hello i signed up in familyclix and when i reached 2$ to cashout they suspended my account. Be careful with familyclix guys.

  7. MeleiroZ

    You deleted my comment about FamilyClix.

    Not a good idea because you had the chance to stop supporting a scam site.


  8. Lucario

    what best PTC sites that have good RR now ?
    what i know is just unique family.
    and Twickerz RR now is bad i think people start to leave after bug login and that trap -$1.
    and ultimatebux is scam or no ? i join there’s a lot of payment proof, good RR and good admin.
    except ultimate 2 other site the admin not so active in there and lately get bad RR.
    Ultimatebux make me confused because rating site givie rate scam but website itself giving positive legit.

  9. Pranav Bhati

    Hey! Thanks for the great article. I have got a total investment of $1000. Do you think I should avoid Neobux completely and go with Scarlett? Can I reach $100/day after some months if I invest $1000 and follow the strategies accurately?

    1. Greatinternetswindle Post author

      I think it’s better to spread risk on few sites. 100/day is not realistic.
      You can expect about $5.5-$6 per 1000 RR daily. This is in total not pure profit.

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    blog for? you made running a bⅼog look easy. The total look of your web site is fantastic, lеt alone
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  12. Serita Mclester

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