5 Myths About PTC Sites

By | March 18, 2016

You have to know this 5 myths about PTC site before you start clicking.
Do not trust fake PTC “gurus” because this 5 things do not exist!

1. You can make money with PTC sites for free.

Is there any business that doesn’t require investment? Why this one would be different? If you want to make any amount that sound like real money and not couple of bucks you will have to invest.
I strongly recommend to read this and some other relevant sources to get more info before investing in any PTC site.
The real truth is that you can only START your PTC business for free.
It means that you will be able to learn rules of the game for free (mostly) if you follow some basic rules and if you not rush with risky investments. For any little bit more serious income you will have to invest money into your business.
Good thing about PTC sites is that you don’t need thousands and thousands of dollars to start your own business. You can build it up step by step depending on how much your finance allows you.
Always remember that investing in PTC sites is unpredictable, unsecure and highly risky. Never invest over amount you can afford to lose.

2. There is “secret magic formula” about how to instantly get tons of real active direct PTC referrals.

Put it simple way: If there is something like that everyone will already know and talk about it.

Getting referrals and building active downline is long and it can often be frustrating work. There is many techniques of getting PTC referrals but there is no “secret magical formula guru system”.

3. You will earn lot of money

Don’t expect PTC clicking will make you rich or change your life. Over time with consistent daily work it will accumulate enough money to become nice budget household helper. Of course significance of this amounts vary from country to country.
So how much you can earn by clicking PTC sites?
As free clicker very little for too much work. Trust me, I have tried it already for years. As it’s already said in Myth no.1 there is no free ride and you will have to invest money (and your work) if you want to make money. Like it is case in any other real life business.
Even with medium range investments it’s hardly to imagine you will earn full time living income from clicking PTC sites. Again, it depend where you live how much this money can make a change, but in your first year of clicking, if you not make too many PTC newbies mistakes and if you invest $200-300 over time in your first year you should expect that together with your clicking it brings back about double amount. The biggest mistake would be to take out this money. Keep reinvesting and slowly you will make automated daily income that require very little time and that grow progressively. That’s the point of earning on PTC sites. You have to understand that the only way to make money with PTC sites is to base your clicking business on Strictly Trusted PTC sites that last long enough or in other words for few years minimum. With right investments during your 1st clicking year you can expect more serious income in your second year and even more year after when would be realistic to expect to build business that reach thousand(s) dollars.

4. You will earn money in short time

If you are in need for instant money better test your luck and go gambling somewhere. In this case PTC sites are not for you. As I say 2-3 years is minimum expected time frame for your clicking to give some visible results.

5. You will earn money without work

Forget about all those nice pictures you see every day in ads you are clicking. Smiling faces on the beach with cocktail in one hand clicking with another one. And money fall from sky. Do I need to say this exist only in adverts? In reality you will have to work and you will have to work for few hours every day for minimal results in the beginning.

I am sorry if I disappoint someone but this is reality about PTC sites.
It’s better to know about this common PTC myths before you give more serious attempt and later realize it’s far away from what you have expected.

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