Scarlet Clicks PTC – 1 Year Upgraded and Rented Referrals Stats

By | October 18, 2016

Scarlet Clicks After 1 Year Upgrade and Rented Referrals Stats

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I hope this post will be useful for everyone who is wondering is it worth to invest in Yearly Gold Scarlet Clicks Upgrade.
Here are my complete stats after 1 year of being Gold Member and also my Scarlet Clicks rented referrals statistics.

Initial investment for Scarlet Clicks Yearly Gold Upgrade and Rented Referrals

I purchased Yearly Gold Upgrade on 16th October 2015 on promotion.
At that time I have invested $135 in first 3 weeks and another $20 few months later.
Makes it $155 in total for upgrade and first rented referral packages.

I was active daily and clicked all available ads.
All the rest what you will see later comes as a result of reinvesting my own earnings.
Since the very beginning I was using PTC strategy described in our previous article about Best Scarlet Clicks PTC Strategy.
Shortly: by extending rented referrals with AVG over 6 on as longer period of time as I could.

How much earnings Scarlet Clicks Rented Referrals generate during 1 year?

As you can see on screenshot because of reinvesting most of accumulated earnings in 1 year total amount generated by referral clicks grow to fantastic $1364.

scarlet clicks-1 year stats

First time I withdraw money after about 7 months on May 10th.
After receiving first payment I have continued to reinvest all my earnings for another one and half month and after that I started withdrawing part of my earnings regularly.

In the beginning I was renting referrals very often but when I reached first 500 referrals I stopped renting new ones and keep extending selected rented referrals on long time frames.
Once it was done for all referrals I restart buying and filtering referrals till I didn’t reach 999 selected rented referrals with average of over 6.
From that moment I am just extending existing referrals for 90, 150 or 240 days depending on how much I can afford from account balance.

How good are Scarlet Clicks Rented Referrals?

We have already mentioned for few times that Scarlet Clicks is probably the best PTC site to start with rented referrals.
It’s because they are easiest to manage comparing any other PTC site from our list.
Once you select good ones and let bad ones to expire (do not recycle) those selected referrals will remain active without exception..
This make Scarlet Clicks rented referrals best for newbies by my opinion.
There will be no recycling every few days as it case on some other PTC sites.

On this graph you can see how stable rented referral clicks are once they are selected.
There are no ups and downs regarding number of daily clicks.

In average 999 rented referrals accumulate 6500 clicks per day what is equal $6.50.


My final stats after 1 year of Scarlet Clicks Gold Upgrade?

Here are my complete rented refrrals stats after exactly 1 year:

Total Number of Rented Referrals: 999
Referral Extensions:
• 150 rented referrals extended on longer than 100 days
• 400 rented referrals extended for over 50 days
• 300 rented referrals extended for over 30 days
• The rest are expanding in less than 30 days

Total amount received $270 and another $50 pending at the moment.
In total it will make $320 in cash when pending payment arrive in few days.

When we make final calculation it comes that after first year I have earned $115 (plus $50 pending) in cash and 999 referrals from wich many extended for long time.
Enough to cover 2nd year upgrade and still remain in some profit plus all rented referrals.


How much I can withdraw as Scarlet Clicks Upgraded member?

The biggest amount members can withdraw at once is $60 for Gold Upgrade.
You can request payment every 5 days.
Waiting time is about 5-7 business days and I always received my payments on time.


Check all Scarlet Clicks Proofs of Payment.

My conclusion about Scarlet Clicks rented referrals after 1 year of upgrade

All previous statistics are good proof that Scarlet Clicks is one of best PTC sites and that PTC Strategy recommended by The Clickers Team work very well.

In my 2nd year I hope that I will be able to earn nice amount of money every single month just by extending my existing selected referrals for long time.
This will maximize already nice profit even more.
All withdrawals from now are 100% pure profit.

This is good to know when it comes to the question how much time will take to start earning more seriously from any PTC site.
Even on best ones (like Scarlet Clicks), with good and proven PTC Strategy, it will take 1 year to build, filter and extend your rented referrals downline.
In your second year you can expect nice earnings.
There is no secret formula to make it instant.
Patience and consistent daily work are key factors to make it work well with PTC sites.

Don’t waste your time by jumping from one PTC to another.

Our List of Best PTC Sites and our PTC Strategies is all you need to start making money with PTC sites

For the end I would like to remind that Scarlet Clicks stand for one of the most trusted PTC sites.
Paying members (PayPal, Payza, Perfect Money) since 2009!

Thanks Scarlet Clicks! 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Scarlet Clicks PTC – 1 Year Upgraded and Rented Referrals Stats

  1. Natalie

    First time here, but now I’ll be definitely coming back! Great job!

  2. Kratak Kodagiel

    Hey! Can I buy diamond directly and then start buying referrals and extending them until I reach 8000 referrals?
    The problem with upgrading to gold before is that I would have to pay $300 for it and then $800 again. By getting diamond directly, I can save $300.

    1. Greatinternetswindle Post author

      Sure you can. Just note that you will need lot of time to get there, probably longer then a year.
      Depend of how much you can invest but this is big bite for 1 year by my opinion.


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