My Free Shares Beginners Guide

By | October 10, 2016

My Free Shares Beginners Guide

This is My Free Shares Beginners Guide.
We hope it will help our new members to find all important explanations and answers on most frequent questions about My Free Shares.

How I earn and what ads should I click on My Free Shares?

Click both type of ads “Share to click” and “Paid to click” ads.
Shares ads will acummulate shares and Paid to click ads will make you cash.


How I earn with shares?

Shares will earn you daily revenue income.
The more shares you have the more revenue you will earn.
Once you collect enough shares and you want to withdraw money sell them on market.
Daily revenue is about $0.07 for 250 shares


I didn’t receive my ads?

Unlike most other PTC sites My Free Shares ads (same as Donkey) reset 24 hours from your last click.
There is no specific time like on other PTC Sites.
If you don’t see ads, check again later.
Check for ads more than once per day. Most probably there will be some more to click.

What are referral earnings on My Free Shares?

There is 5 levels referral system.
On your first level (direct referrals) you will earn 25% from all clicks plus 10 shares from every direct referral who makes first $1.5
Referral earnings on other levels: 2nd level 10%; 3rd level 5%; 4th level 2% and 5th level 1%

How I can speed up earning process if I don’t want to upgrade?

Once you make enough cash go to Marketplace (buy/sell shares) and reinvest in shares.
Remember that more shares you have the more daily revenue you will earn.
Keep doing this till your daily revenue from shares become more “visible”.
This earnings goes progressively.
The more you reinvest the shorter period of time you will need to buy next package of shares.

What is payout minimum and how I will be paid?

Payout minimum at My Free Shares is set to $10.
All major payment processor accepting including PayPal and Payza.
Payment are done every 2 weeks.

Is My Free Shares Trusted PTC Site?

Yes, one of most trusted PTC sites and that is why it found place on our Best PTC Sites List
It belongs to group of sites operating by MultiMoneyGroup which exist since 2005.
The most famous site from this group is DonkeyMails.
My Free Shares proofs of payment

What is My Free Shares Marketplace?

Marketplace (buy/sell shares) is the place where you can buy or sell your shares.
Always filter market by price to see what best current offers are.
Notice that if you put your shares on market to sell them you will not earn daily revenue for those shares.


Where I can see my downline on My Free Shares?

Members home, then scroll down and check “Your Referrals”
Referral statistics are not visible but you will be able to see how many people you have in your downline.
You will also receive notification about receiving 10 shares on “earning stats” page once your direct referral makes first $1.5.

How I check my earnings?

Member home -> Scroll down -> Earning stats
To check how much money you earn from your shares check “Last day earnings”

Is it worth to upgrade on My Free Shares?

We tested our My Free Shares Strategy for long time and it works very well.
However, all depend of you and your work.
Our team is here to help you to build downline on 5 levels over time but we can’t click ads instead of you.
With an upgrade you will receive MANY daily ads to click.
You will need over 1 hour to click them all but you don’t have to stay on page waiting for timer. It means you can click ads while you are doing other things.
Each level of upgrade will benefit you with certain number of shares.
Bronze 60 shares, Silver 200 shares (best option by my opinion) and Gold 400 shares.
You can sell your shares on market easily for price to cover upgrade and get all those ads practically for free.
Here is more info about upgrading on My Free Shares

I purchase upgrade but I didn’t receive it?

Upgrades are done manually.
You will have to wait up to 24 hours before your account is upgraded.

Are there other ways to earn on My Free Shares?

Beside clicking ads and referring new members you can earn by reading mails (very few from time to time) or by doing offers.
Offers can make you big amount of shares.
Apart of this, if you are ready to invest in some of sponsored programs you can make very nice amount of shares.
This will be the fastest way to earn more shares.



How fast I can sell shares on market?

This mostly depend on price that you set.
If your price is reasonable and one of lowest on market you can sell shares very quickly.
Packages of 100 shares are selling quite fast (1-2 days usually) but you have to set minimum price.

Questions and answers about The Clickers Team’s My Free Shares Team Builder

Why to join My Free Shares with The Clickers Team?

Programs that have multilevel referral system are best to do with team because your downline will grow exponentially over time.


You can’t do this alone.
In this case team work is key to success.
The Clickers Team is serious and long existing team of dedicated and experienced clickers.
It’s hard to imagine you can possibly find better solution to successfully work on My Free Shares.
More info about how to join our team builder

What link I should use to register?

Once you join The Clickers Team and you confirm your subscription please send us mail to REQUEST LINK.
Link that we will send you is the ONLY RELEVANT link to join My Free Shares with The Clickers Team.
Do not use any other link but one sent to you by

Why I have to make $1.5 before I get referrals from team?

From our previous experience we know that good, daily active clickers are hard to find.
It’s strange how people wants to earn money but they don’t want to work for it.
To prevent free ride and to reward our active members with 10 shares we are asking every member to send us screenshot with first $1.5 he/she made.
Only then you will be placed in our team builder as full member and you will start receiving referrals from team.
People who are lazy to work for themselves are not good team players neither.
We need serious clickers to keep our team active.
This will also make less important in what level of our matrix you have joined.

When I will receive my first 5 direct referrals?

This depend of how fast our team and your division grow but you can expect first referrals relatively quickly.
Please notice that My Free Shares is not some kind of “get rich multi-level pyramid”. It’s program where you will earn stable income over time while your downline is growing.
When it comes to PTC sites a year is minimum time frame to give good results rather than month(s) and My Free Shares is not an exception.
Again, please remember that you will have to make $1.5 before we can send any referral to your downline.

I am already member of My Free Shares but I want to work with The Clickers Team. What to do?

You can cancel your account and register new one.
Member home -> Scroll down-> Cancel Account.
Once you do this clear cookies. This is very important so you can login..
Re-register with link we will provide you by mail.
If it doesn’t work use another email and it will work.
This is not breaking of any rule.
My Free Shares have regular option to cancel account and reopen new one.

How I can help our team to grow?

We highly appreciate any help.
On Team Work page you can find your division link to promote.
Promote link from your division.
If you have friend who you would like to invite to our team you can give your My Free Shares referral link.
In this case you will have to let us know that he/she wants to be team member and provide us with his/her username.
Of course you can promote your My Free Shares referral link as well.

 My question about My Free Shares is not answered?

If you have any other question please let us know.

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