NeoBux Review – Best NeoBux PTC Review

By | September 2, 2016

NeoBux Review

This is complete NeoBux Review.
It include all important facts, information and small tips about this exceptional, elite PTC site.
Also, this NeoBux review will put more light on NeoBux earning potential.

NeoBux, also known as a “King of PTC sites” was officially launched back in April 30th. 2008 and it becomes synonym for successful PTC Site.
It is PTC site who establish standards and it represent a real ELITE PTC Site in so called “PTC industry”.
On almost all aspects NeoBux achieved what no other PTC Site have achieved.
It stands for the biggest and one of the most trustful PTC sites in the world.

All this (and much more then this) qualify NeoBux for one of very top positions on our Best PTC Sites List.


NeoBux Review – Basic Info

  • Payment processors accepted: PayPal, Payza, and Neteller (including unverified accounts).
  • Upgrades: $90 Yearly Gold but you can get it with discount for $10-20 less what is highly recommended. Scroll down to “upgrades” to see when is best time to upgrade your NeoBux account.
  • Payment minimum: first payment $2. Later, it increase by $1.00 for each payment until it reaches a fixed minimum amount of $10.
  • Payments are instant what is always very nice.
  • Number of ads: 6×0.001 fixed ads + other ads (about $0.02-0.03 per day) for free members and 9x$0.01 plus app. 20+x0.001 per day for gold members (about $0.12+)
  • Referral earnings:
    Direct referral fixed ad click: free $0.0005; gold $0.005; higher upgrades $0.01
    Rented referrals fixed ad click: free $0.005; gold $0.01; higher upgrades $0.01

We can only guess about how many members NeoBux have since its “business secret” and it’s not allowed to ask about those numbers in forum?!
Numbers on home page say it pays daily over impressive $120K.

NeoBux Review – General Earning Potential

Probably you have already heard there are people who makes small fortunes on NeoBux.
This is true, but also you have to know they have invested a lot of money.
NeoBux definitely have good earning potential but for more serious money you will have to invest quite some and to count that app. 2 years is time when you will finally enjoy your profit.

If you are new member do not count too much on direct referrals.
NeoBux has huge popularity and it’s difficult to get direct referrals.
But good news is that real earning potential is (as always) in NeoBux Rented Referrals.

However, you will need lot of time, filtering and patience till you achieve satisfactory AVG of your entire rented downline.

NeoBux Review – Mini Jobs

Same as we have “tasks” on ClixSense, on NeoBux we have “mini jobs”.
Mini jobs are provided by CrowdFlower (task company) but you will receive your earnings directly and instantly on your NeoBux account balance.

What is important to know about NeoBux mini jobs?

Just quickly to explain, mini jobs (or tasks on ClixSense) are short, usually easy to do jobs.
Many clickers are just clicking ads and they don’t work on mini jobs.
In fact they are missing great earning opportunity.
For free clickers, the best one!
Earnings on mini jobs are much better than just clicking ads.
You can earn dollar or few every day quite easy if you find good job(s).

In the beginning, until you build your accuracy reputation, you will not have too many jobs but once you do it, you will receive jobs regularly.
Always try to give best possible answers and avoid too many mistakes so you can progress to higher levels and receive more work.

If you are not sure what is correct – check forum.
Usually, there are members sharing their experiences about each particular mini job.

Doing mini jobs can be very good source to increase your daily earnings drastically.
I am highly recommending everyone to try if you are not doing them already.

To complete mini job usually require 30 sec to few minutes and it is paid in range from $0.02-0.10 per one successfully completed job.
On top of that, depending on your membership, you will earn bonus of $ 0.15(free) or $0.30(golden) for every $1 you earned by working on NeoBux mini jobs.

In few months you can earn enough money for Golden Upgrade and first round of NeoBux rented referrals.
“Mini Jobs” is place where you should search for more serious earnings as a free member.

NeoBux Review Mini Jobs

NeoBux Review – Gold Upgrade

There is no much tactic when it comes to NeoBux upgrade except you are highly advised to wait for upgrade discount.
Discounts are always available on same time every year.
It’s highly recommended to buy upgrades on one of following occasions and next year to extend it again with discount.

Best dates to Upgrade on NeoBux

  • January 1st ($70 for Gold)
  • March 24th (Neobux’s inception)
  • April 30th (Neobux’s official launch date)
  • October 26th – 31st (Halloween)
  • December 15th – December 31st (Admin typically does 3 – 4 randomly timed discounts during this period)

Once you decide to enter game more seriously and upgrade your account you will have to do it at once for entire year since there is no monthly upgrade.
You will also have to immediately go for Golden upgrade because Silver one doesn’t exist as well.
In simple words, once you want to upgrade you will have to accept entire deal at once.

What you will get with NeoBux Gold Upgrade?

Gold members will receive 9 x 0.01 guaranteed daily ads.
Together with other ads you will earn about $40-45 from your own clicks for a year.

Neobux Review Personal Clicks

Direct referral clicks to $0.005 from previous $0.0005 that you had as free member.

But the biggest advantage of an upgrade certainly is NeoBux rented referral click rate.
Golden upgrade will increase rented referral click value to $0.01 instead $0.005 (you will always lose money renting referrals as free member).

Also, Bonus on mini jobs goes from 15% to 30%.

Other upgrades

If you want to proceed further and go for higher upgrades you will have several options. Those upgrades are coming with following benefits and prices as it is presented on this chart.

NeoBux Review - Upgrades

NeoBux Review – What are NeoBux Points?

While clicking cash ads, apart money, you will also earn points.
For each ad you visit 1 point.
We can say NeoBux Points are an extra motivation to reward and keep active members.
With points you will be able to extend rented referrals and if you are patient enough and you collect 30 000 points (2.5 years- 3 years) you can exchange them for NeoBux Golden Yearly Upgrade.

Members earn Points by:

  • Viewing advertisements: Each advertisement = 1 Point
  • Completing Point offers
  • Winning Points in AdPrize

Points can be exchanged for:

  • Gold Yearly Upgrade – 30000 Points
  • To recycle or extend your rented referrals

NeoBux Review – AdPrize

With every cash ad visited, members will receive another 3 chances to browse sites and to win prizes.
Prizes are points, cash (up to $50) and Gold Upgrade.
Personally I think that ClixGrid on ClixSense is better regarding prizes but you can always try your luck.

neobux review-adprizes

NeoBux Review – Referrals Earnings

Referral earnings are different for direct and rented referrals and also, as it is expected, for free and upgraded clickers.
Users can start referring new members after being active for at least 15 days and having at least 100 clicks.
Members must click fixed ads daily to earn from referral clicks.

NeoBux – Direct Referral Earnings

NeoBux Review Direct Referrals

  • Free members $0.0005 for fixed ad click and $0.005 for Gold members
  • 12% of the amount each of your direct referrals earns by doing Mini Jobs.
  • 1% commission from your direct referrals’ purchases made using any payment processors. Purchase must be equal or over $10.

NeoBux Review – Rented Referrals Earnings

NeoBux Review Rented Referrals

Rented Referrals are central earning point of NeoBux.
If you want to earn more serious money then couple of dollars you will have to join NeoBux rented referral game.
And in the beginning you will have to play it slowly.

In this NeoBux review we will not explain complete NeoBux rented referrals strategy.
We will do that in a separate article but for now will be enough to say that NeoBux rented referrals are most difficult to maintain and to keep their AVG high enough to make profit.

NeoBux rented referrals behavior is very hard to predict and you will need quite some time of filtering referrals until you stay with good selection.

Rented Referrals earnings are $0.005 per click for free members and $0.01 for Gold members.
Do not rent referrals as free member.
Because of low commission rate per click you will always lose money.
Exceptionally you can rent first 100 referrals a week before you upgrade.

Rented referrals are not always available, especially for Gold members so it can make a sense to rent first 100 referrals till you are still free member and then, week later to upgrade and rent another 200.
That would be more than enough for start.

NeoBux Review – Neobux Rented Referral Cost

First 250 rented referrals cost 0.20$ then price go higher $0.01 for every 250 referrals.
Think about this limits when you are renting referrals.
Try to maximize earnings by reaching maximum number of referrals in certain level then extend them for long time.
Remember, it’s better to have 249 rented referrals then 251.

NeoBux Review Autopay

You also have to know that only long term extensions (150 and 240 days) with higher discount will put your selected rented referrals into profit.

This can be pricy to do it at once for all rented referrals and at this stage it could be good idea to turn on AutoPay for some time.

NeoBux Review – Turning On AutoPay

If you have 100-200 referrals that are extend only on short period of time (i.e. 30- 60 days) activating autopay feature for some time can be good idea.
When you enable AutoPay, on the first click a referral makes that day, you’ll pay to keep that referral for an extra day.
If the referral does not click, you won’t pay for another day.

AutoPay will help you to renew referrals easier as it will split expiration date on many days.
You will not need to pay extension at once for all referrals.
Instead, you will pay them day by day and on top of that you will get 15% discount.
This is very beneficial if your rented referrals are not extended for longer than 90 days.

Autopay is not effective if you renew referrals for 90 days or more because of higher discount.

NeoBux Review Recycling Referrals – Good or Bad NeoBux Strategy?

As we say before, NeoBux rented referrals are completely unpredictable.
Sometimes, you will get good number of clicks in first few days then this referral will “die” for 10 days and then suddenly click again still keeping acceptable AVG.
That is one of reason I found referral recycling at price of $0.07 bad move.
I’ll rather let bad referrals to expire then to recycle them.
There is free recycle after 14 days and that is the way I filter inactive referrals.
However you should know that letting a referral to expire will cost you $0.02 to $0.05 depending on your current membership.

NeoBux Special Likes

One point where NeoBux is supreme comparing competition is that everything is automated, members friendly, well explained, fast and instant.
From adding funds and upgrading to receiving instant payments.
Of course, we all like instant payments but it’s not just that.
Entire site is perfectly functional.
For example, if you turn on autopay it will deduct from your main balance if you don’t have enough on your rental/purchasing account. This is not case with other sites where you have to add money to renting balance first.

NeoBux Dislike:

If I have to choose one thing that I really don’t like this will be rented referrals recycle price. Price of $0.07 to recycle inactive rented referral is not really very good deal.

NeoBux Proofs of Payment

7 thoughts on “NeoBux Review – Best NeoBux PTC Review

  1. charan

    Interesting you are rocking in neobux, am also long member in neobux but never did the mini jobs every time i failed to go the next level.. i knew many people are earning nice income through mini jobs. thanks for sharing your real experience on neobux.

  2. Allan

    “Gold members will receive 9 x 0.01 guaranteed daily ads.
    Together with other ads you will earn about $40-45 from your own clicks for a year.”

    So that is after paying for gold or what?

    1. Greatinternetswindle Post author

      Hi Allan,
      yes this is after paying for Gold Upgrade.
      If you decide to go for Gold Upgrade my suggestion is to wait for another month and half and to take it on 1st of January when there is discount on upgrades and you can get it for $70 instead of $90.
      This way you will have discount every year.
      Best regards

  3. Ana

    Hi…I’m new to NeoBux. I’ve tried to do miniJobs but I still can’t access to them. What do I have to do to access? I’ve been in NeoBux for a week.
    Also, and this is more personal, what are your monthly incomes in NeoBux or other PTC pages? Just an extra motivation for me 🙂


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