ClixSense Review and Best PTC Strategy

By | August 27, 2016

ClixSense Review – Basic Info

This is ClixSense review that will help you to better understand earning potential of this great and genuine PTC site.
It is another elite PTC site from our Best PTC Sites List what makes it highly recommended for everyone who wants to make money online with PTC sites.

clixsense review1

ClixSense is online since February 2007.
It is one of most trustful and most popular PTC sites in the world.
It have spotless reputation for almost 10 years.
ClixSense stand on real business, with real advertisers and real work opportunities.
There is no rented referrals, no expensive upgrades and no limits in withdrawing or referring.
Simple, transparent and realistic PTC site and real money making opportunity.
Payout is set at $8 for free members and $6 for upgraded/premium members.
Upgrade: $17 Yearly
Payment processors accepted: PayPal. Payza, Netteler, Checks

ClixSense has over 6.5 million registered members and have paid over $20 million (end of August 2016) every time on time.

Here is detailed ClixSense review.

ClixSense Review – Earnings

ClixSense is probably the best “real” PTC sites.
When I say “real” I mean that most depend on your own work and not from referring or renting referrals.
There are no rented referrals on ClixSense and there is no any investment except optional $17 yearly upgrade.
Your earnings will depend very much (if not only) on yourself and from your ability and desire to work for it.

Clicking ads will not make you much money, especially as a free member.
Availability of ads depend a bit from your country but in any way as a free member you will receive $0.015-0.03 ads to click per day only.
What would be the way to earn more then?

ClixSense Review – Tasks

If you want to earn more than just few cents from clicking ads you should try to do tasks, offers and surveys (when and if available).
Tasks are mini jobs provided by Crowd Flower (task company).
You can work on them on NeoBux as well.
You will get short instructions about what you have to do to successfully complete job and to get paid for it.
Tasks are different and it can be anything, from short survey to product or tweets categorization or whatever.
For example, there may be a task to find and enter date and balance from supermarket bill.
Once you “understand the rules” for one particular task it goes quite fast.

Usually, tasks are paid between $0.02 and $0.10 and required 30 sec to few minutes to complete them.
Surveys and offers have little bit better rate but they are not available too often.

When you successfully finish a task you will instantly receive money to your ClixSense (or NeoBux) account balance.

In case if you are not sure that you understood correctly job description good idea might be to check forum. There are usually members who share their experience about particular tasks.
This can help you to complete some task faster or to avoid mistakes.

What is important to know about ClixSense tasks?

In the beginning your “performance level” will be 0 from 3 possible levels.
There will not be many tasks to complete so try to finish those that are available.
Over time, till you progress, you will reach higher levels and more jobs will be available.
For example on level 3 there is usually over 30-40 different jobs available.

Pay attention to instructions and job description and always try to give correct answers.
Your accuracy and credits for each particular tasks are recorded and to reach higher level you will have to satisfy certain accuracy criteria.
Familiarize yourself with the tasks page before you attempt any.
If you fall below the minimum required accuracy for one task you will not be able to continue working on that task anymore.
The amount you can make with tasks vary but it all depend of you.
Some tasks are demographically targeted but if you are consistent in building your accuracy, over time you will start to receive decent amount of daily tasks to work on.

It was not once that members showed in forum screenshot with over $100 earned on tasks and surveys in one day.
As an extra bonus for each $50 worth of tasks accumulated you will receive another $5.

Working on tasks will also allow you to collect daily bonus and to earn even more.

ClixSense Review – Daily Bonus

Daily bonus is good way to maximize your earnings and to get reward for your activity.

To qualify for daily bonus you will have to:

  1. Click minimum 6 ads
  2. Complete 10 Crowd Flower tasks or complete 2 offers or 5 tasks and 1 offer
  3. Visit forum – just short visit will be enough, you don’t have to post anything.

Daily bonus is 5% of total daily earnings for free members and nice 12% for premium members.
Once you qualify for daily bonus for 3 consecutive days reward will be increased for another 1%-2%
On top of that you can earn another 1% -2% daily bonus if you run “add on” for minimum 1 hour per day.

You can see earning potential of doing tasks and of daily bonus on this screnshot.
This is very average day, nothing exceptional here regarding earnings.

Clixsense Review Daily Bonus

In total, free members can earn up to 7% daily bonus and upgraded members can earn up to motivating 16%.

ClixSense Review Bonus

ClixSense Addon

Addon is small notification box that you will have to install.
It will notify you about new ads and jobs and will help you not to miss them.
It is small icon that will appear on top of your screen and it will not disturb you in anyway with flashing or ads.
Keeping active this feature for minimum of 1 hour per day will add extra 1% to total daily bonus.

ClixSense Review – Upgrade

If you are doing tasks regularly and you are collecting daily bonus quite often you should definitely consider to upgrade on ClixSense.
Very reasonable and affordable $17 Yearly Premium upgrade will give you 4 x $0.01 guaranteed daily ads but more important, it will give higher daily bonus.

Instead of 5% as free, as premium member you will earn 12% on daily bonus.
For tasks workers difference in total amount can be significant over 1 year.

Upgrade will also raise referral signup commission, your earnings from direct referrals (not same thing), and will allow you to earn from referral upgrades on 8 levels.
Also, it will double your chances on ClixGrid and reduce timer for 50%.


Apart from mentioned benefits, an upgrade will also give double chances on ClixGrid.
ClixGrid is popular game with cash prizes where you can win up to $10.
Free members have 30 attempts on 10 sec (forced) timer and premium members have 60 daily attempts with 5 sec timer.

ClixGrid Prize

Except if you are not extremely lucky this is what you can realistically expect from clicking ClixGrid.

This is screenshot of my personal stats based on 20 000 clicks.
I didn’t have any special luck and in total i have won $7.60
All my winnings are small, regular prizes.

ClixSense Review

In average gives little bit over $0.35/1000 ClixGrid clicks.
You decide is it worth of your time or not.

ClixSense Review – Referrals Earnings

As a free member you will earn only from your direct referrals.
You will earn 5% commission as standard and 10% as premium on all tasks, clicks, offers and surveys completed by your referrals.
But there is much more behind ClixSense affiliate program.

Firstly, there is signup bonus for all members (standard and premium) for referring new active members.
Free (standard) members earn $1 for every direct referral who makes $10.
Signup bonus for premium members is 2$ once your direct referral earn $5.

Exclusively for upgraded members, ClixSense offer 8 levels deep referral reward system.
It means you will earn commission for every referral upgrade on 8 levels.
More precisely $2.00 per upgraded direct referral and $1.00 per any referral upgrade through 7 more tiers!

This is where is real money making opportunity even ClixSense is so popular and well known PTC site and it is quite difficult to get new direct referrals.
However, if you patiently keep working on it over time you will build your downline.
It is definitely worth giving a try!

ClixSense Strategy

There isn’t some special “ClixSense strategy” because, as we already mentioned, there is no rented referrals.
It really all depend from your own work.
Some general advice is to be consistent and patient as it case on all PTC sites.
Try to finish as much tasks correctly to reach higher “accuracy level” and to get more tasks and surveys.
Once you build your “accuracy level” (and downline) consider to take $17 yearly upgrade and to increase your earnings by getting higher daily bonus.

ClixSense Personal Opinion

I am member of ClixSense for over 5 years now with some long stop (year ago).
It is still one of top 5 site where I have earned the most money as a free member.
I don’t have big downline there and almost all my earnings comes from my own clicks and work.

ClixSense is very stable, trustful and respectful PTC site.
Elite in full meaning of that word.
Finally, for newbies it can be good source to earn more serious money by doing tasks and later to reinvest that money in other PTC sites.

Simply, if you want to make money online with PTC sites ClixSense is MUST HAVE.

ClixSense proofs of payment.

Happy earnings and clicking.

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  1. Nirmal Kumar

    That’s a nice review. I have been using Clixsense for the past 2 years. And I have made more than 40$ from Clixsense. Believe me, I use Clixsense very rare. But, still, my earnings went on a flow. A legit site, that has been paying regularly.


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