PTC Review – My Free Shares – Is It Worth to Upgrade?

By | February 23, 2016

Is it worth to buy $10 Bronze upgrade on My Free Shares?

The Clickers Team tested one month Bronze upgrade and here is what we found.

The Clickers Team’s Review of My Free Shares Bronze Upgrade
During your upgrade you will have to spend quite some time clicking ads because you will receive BIG number of small value cash and share ads. It will take you about one and half hour per day to click all available ads but all this work is worth in larger perspective. It means that upgrade will pay back over time once you accumulate more shares. Upgrade will help to speed up your earnings because the more shares you have the faster you will accumulate new ones.
Generally you can’t complain about what you will get for an upgrade. Earnings are not bad, about 1.5 shares and up to $0.10 per day on top of the 60 shares you will get for upgrade. If you are reinvesting cash earnings it will make about 100-120 shares for one month of daily clicking in total. This will significantly speed up and increase your earnings in future and in this way upgrade is something to consider when you have enough time to click most of ads. I think it is good strategy to upgrade for month or two and later to reinvest earnings and buy shares from the market. Once you have 250-300 shares things will speed up and you will be able to buy 10 shares weekly just from accumulated balance. 300 shares will make you about $0.10 every day. You don’t have to be active every day to earn from shares. At any time you can offer your shares on market and sell them to other members. Current shares value at the market is about $1.25 for 10 shares.

This is what you will get with an upgrade:

  • Shares
    Bronze Upgrade will make you 60 shares. You will receive much more share ads to click. If you don’t miss too many ads at the end of upgrade period you can collect about 100-120 shares in total (clicks + 60 shares for upgrade).
  • Extra Ads
    There is really big number of extra cash and share ads to click available to upgraded members only.
  • Free referrals
    Don’t expect too much from this. It’s just small extra for your upgrade. I have received 2 referrals but since clicks stats are invisible I don’t know how if at all active they are.
  • Advertising credits
    Upgrade will get you 1000 PTC ads.

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MyFreeShares has 5 level referral program. We recognized this as great opportunity to build team on MyFreeShares. It will not make you rich but it will help those clickers who want to give a more serious try with MyFreeShares on long and regular terms.
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My Free Shares Full Review

8 thoughts on “PTC Review – My Free Shares – Is It Worth to Upgrade?

  1. Salemthara Darlong

    After upgrading to Monthly Silver, i am getting only about 0.25 shares and 0.05 dollar per day.

  2. Salemthara Darlong

    I did. In fact, I did not missed a single ad. I checked every hour a day. By the way, 200 shares makes me about $0.04 per day.

  3. Salemthara Darlong

    yeah maybe more than 0.05$, But not 0.25$ and 2.5 shares as stated in your strategy.

    1. Greatinternetswindle Post author

      Just reinvest accumulated balance into new shares and it will speed up earnings. I was trying to find where did you found this numbers in strategy but i couldn’t find anywhere with this specific numbers. It’s true that particular article is bit out of date because it’s written a year ago but earnings from cash and share ads remain the same. Only the price of shares has reduce slightly.
      In any case you will make better profit than at most PTC sites in 1 month.

  4. Salemthara Darlong

    What is the earning potential of monthly gold upgrade $50


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