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Best FamilyClix PTC Strategy

Best FamilyClix PTC Strategy This is complete, easy to follow and longtime tested best FamilyClix PTC Strategy. The Clickers Team have recognized great potential of this PTC site at the end of 2016 when we placed FamilyClix as “youngest” PTC site on our exclusive, strictly trusted, Best PTC Sites List. Today is 3 full years… Read More »

Proofs of Payment January 2017 – Best PTC Sites

Here are proofs of payments received in January 2017 from Best PTC Sites recommended by The Clickers Team. Proof of Payment MyFreeShares MyFreeShares Proof $37.05 (paypal) Proof of Payment Scarlet Clicks Scarlet Clicks Proof $50.50 (paypal) Proof of Payment GPT Planet GPT Planet proof of payment $30.09 (paypal) Proof of Payment FamilyClix FamilyClix proof of… Read More »

5 Best Rented Referrals PTC Sites 2017 List

This is list of 5 Best Rented Referrals PTC Sites for 2017. It’s shorten version of The Clickers Team’s Best PTC Sites 2017 List and it’s mainly focused on rented referrals performance. This selection of PTC sites is mostly based on my personal experience after testing activity and profitability of rented referrals for long time… Read More »

Best PTC Sites 2017 List

Best PTC Sites 2017 List by The Clickers Team About Best PTC Sites 2017 List This is Best PTC Sites 2017 List recommended by The Clickers Team. We are glad that all recommended Best PTC Sites from 2016 are still successfully operating and paying their members. They all survived test of time for another year.… Read More »

FamilyClix PTC Review and Best PTC Strategy

FamilyClix PTC Review This is review and best PTC strategy for FamilyClix, very promising PTC site. There is several good reasons why we have decided to recommend FamilyClix to our members and readers. FamilyClix operate since 2014 and it is recognized by many experienced clickers as PTC site with great potential. FamilyClix PTC Basic Facts Here… Read More »