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5 Best Rented Referrals PTC Sites 2017 List

This is list of 5 Best Rented Referrals PTC Sites for 2017. It’s shorten version of The Clickers Team’s Best PTC Sites 2017 List and it’s mainly focused on rented referrals performance. This selection of PTC sites is mostly based on my personal experience after testing activity and profitability of rented referrals for long time… Read More »

ClixTen Rented Referrals Stats After 1 Year Upgrade

ClixTen Rented Referrals Stats and Earnings After 1 Year Gold Upgrade WARNING! VERY SLOW AND SELECTIVE PAYMENTS! NOT RECOMMENDED It’s been a full year since I am upgraded to Yearly Gold Upgrade at ClixTen PTC. In this article I would like to share my ClixTen rented referrals stats and also my earnings. I hope it… Read More »

How Much Money You Can Earn on Best PTC Sites

We already talked that contrary to what many clickers believe, the real key for making money with paid to click sites is not in getting direct referrals but in building and successfully managing downline of rented referrals. Expected Earnings on Best PTC Sites In this article we will see more closely how much you can… Read More »

ClixTen PTC Review and Best PTC Strategy

WARNING! VERY SLOW AND SELECTIVE PAYMENTS! NOT RECOMMENDED This is review and best PTC strategy for ClixTen. ClixTen – Is It Worth to Upgrade? Our initial investment of $115 was made in the beginning of November 2015. We manage to get Yearly Golden Upgrade at discounted price and for the rest we rent first big… Read More »