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By | December 16, 2016

Traffic Speedway Short Traffic Exchange Review

This is Traffic Speedway Traffic Exchange Short Review


Traffic Speedway – Traffic Exchange Basic info

  • Online since: 2008
  • Owner & Admin: Randy Fountain
  • Timer: 7 seconds for free members
  • Surfing Ratio: Progressive Surf Ratio starting at 0.35 for free members.
  • Hits Speed Delivery: Fast
  • Links Allowed for Free Members: 4
  • Upgrades: 4 Different Levels of Upgrades Starting from $2.97/month
  • Daily Codes: Frequently + often cross promos with other traffic exchanges
  • Daily Surfer Rewards: Yes. Starting at just 50 pages surfed
  • Weekly Promo contest with 10 prizes. 1st place $3 + Credits
  • Team surfing: Yes
  • Cash in rotation: Sometimes
  • Collecting: Icons, Stickers, Viral Traffic Games, TE Headquarters, CommandoSurf
  • Payout Minimum: $10 for all memberships
  • Signup Bonus: Surf 25 pages for 100c/400b/500t
  • The Clickers Team Special Code: Enter Code TCTmember surf 100 for 555 credits

Traffic Speedway Traffic Exchange short review and tips

Very good traffic exchange by all meanings.
Smooth and pleasant surfing on fast 7 seconds timer.
Well established and highly popular, with good reason in surfing community.
Very frequent surfing promos with other traffic exchanges and often daily codes can make you many extra credits and win nice rewards.

Increase surfing ratio by surfing CommandoSurf with up to 100% surf bonus (on certain days).
Surfers who like competitions can take part in weekly promo contest with 10 winners ($3 and credits 1st prize) or join one from several serious surfing teams.
Professional support and spotless reputation.
Simply: traffic exchange to be.

Traffic Speedway and The Clickers Team

Collect super easy extra bonus credits (plus signup bonus) for testing Traffic Speedway traffic exchange with The Clickers Team.
Thanks to Randy and his support, The Clickers Team members have opportunity to collect easy 555 credits with promo code that is set specially for our team.

Enter Promo Code TCTmember and surf 100 pages for 555 credits.

Traffic Speedway

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