ClixTen Rented Referrals Stats After 1 Year Upgrade

By | December 15, 2016

ClixTen Rented Referrals Stats and Earnings After 1 Year Gold Upgrade



It’s been a full year since I am upgraded to Yearly Gold Upgrade at ClixTen PTC.
In this article I would like to share my ClixTen rented referrals stats and also my earnings.

I hope it will be helpful for everyone who wants to make money online with PTC Sites.
Especially with rented referrals that are key for better PTC earnings.

ClixTen Gold Upgrade and Initial Investment:

ClixTen Yearly Gold Upgrade cost $75 and it’s one of the cheapest yearly gold upgrades among PTC sites that took place on our list.
At the moment there is Christmas discount on upgrades (till 26th December).
It’s perfect moment to grab very good deal and to upgrade account for $60 only.

Here is important to say that we do NOT recommend Silver upgrade if you are planning to rent referrals.
Rented referrals click rate for Silver Upgrade is same as for free members.
Silver one is good only if you have many direct referrals.

To earn from rented referrals you will have to go for Gold Upgrade wich is absolutely best and only option.
This upgrade will increase ClixTen rented referral click value from $0.002 to $0.005.
There is 6 daily ads to click worth $0.02 each.

Unfortunately there is no monthly upgrade.
Yearly one is the only option.

ClixTen Earning Stats

Initial investment was $115 in first month and that was the only investment I’ve ever made.
Everything that comes later was result of reinvesting accumulated earnings.
In total it generate over $1000 for 1 year.
First withdrawal was after app. 6 months.

Here are complete ClixTen stats after 1 year

  • Total Investment: $115
  • Total payouts received $177
  • Current Balance $25
  • Total number of selected, filtered and extended ClixTen rented referrals: 500
  • From this number about 40% extended for longer than 60-90 days
  • You can expect AVG of 1.48+ if you regularly recycle inactive rented referrals


As you can see total earnings in first year were enough to cover all expenses, to extend referrals and to completely cover yearly upgrade for next year.
All payments in next year are pure profit.

ClixTen 1 year stats

ClixTen Rented Referrals Stats and Strategy

ClixTen rented referrals are generally speaking good and active.
However, you should know they are active for certain period of time.
Unlike ScarletClicks and GPT Planet for example, where referrals stay active for long time, you will have to recycle ClixTen rented referrals on daily basis.
Of course it’s necessary to extend good ones for long period but you will have to recycle them after some time.
Personally, my strategy is to extend referrals with AVG over 1.48 and I am recycling those who were not active for last 3-4 days.
Those referrals will never click again.
It’s highly recommended to recycle rented referrals on daily basis.
Otherwise total AVG will decrease.
Recycle price is reasonable at $0.03 and in this case it makes sense to recycle inactive ones.

Same as it case with other PTC Sites it is crucial to extend good rented referrals for long period of time.
Such long extensions will get you discounts and that is the only way to surely get into profit.
Members must click at least 4 ads to receive referral earnings next day.

ClixTen Payments

The only small dislike about ClixTen is relatively long waiting time for payments that is up to 20 working days (read 1 month).
But, it’s also true that I have always received payments on time, every time.
So, even you will have to wait little bit longer you can be sure that you will receive your payment.
Maximum payment is $30 per withdrawal.
You can request payments every 7 days if you want to receive money more frequently.
ClixTen enjoy a great reputation in clicker’s community and it’s surely site that deserve position on The Clickers Team’s best strictly trusted PTC list.
If you want to make money with PTC Sites than ClixTen is certainly very good choice.

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