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By | November 16, 2016

Short review about Hits4Surfers, another traffic exchange recommended by The Clickers Team.


Hits4Surfers Traffic Exchange Basic info

  • Online since: 2010
  • Owner & Admin: Eddie Rosenblum
  • Timer: 6 seconds for free members
  • Hits Speed Delivery: Medium
  • Links Allowed for Free Members: 4
  • Upgrades: Silver, Gold, Executive and Eddie`s VIP Music Room Upgrade
  • Daily Codes: Yes – 4 codes (25, 150, 275 and 450 pages)
  • Cash in rotation: Yes
  • Collecting: App. Every 100 pages collect Trophy. Collect 12 Trophies for $0.10
  • Extra earnings: Many PTC links avaliable
  • Contest Weekly: Jackpot with cash and credit prizes
  • Contest Daily: Enter Daily Code and surf only 25 pages for chance to win $2.50/250/250/250
  • Surfing Ratio: Dynamic Surf Ratio starting at 0.5 for free members
  • Payout Minimum: $10 – partly have to be made of sales for payment or can be used for reinvestment
  • Referral Reward: $0.50 per active referral
  • Signup Bonus: 2$/100 credits/250 banners/250 text ads after 25 pages surfed
  • The Clickers Team Special Code: Enter Code TCTmember surf 100 for 1000 credits

Hits4Surfers short review and tips

Hits4Surfers is well known and long existing traffic exchange with great reputation, used by many experienced marketers.
Be sure to read daily mails where you can find surfing codes.
For active surfers it would not be big challenge to rank well in weekly jackpot and to win some prizes.
Referring new members is very important for surfers who wants to make some money since you will have to make some sales in order to get paid. $0.50 per active referral is very nice motivation to do it. There is plenty of creative and well done splash pages for promotion that can help you to refer new members.

Some years ago I was surfing regularly Hits4Surfers on daily basis and I had good results at that time.
When I surfed now again because of this review I saw many familiar usernames. It confirms that experienced surfers have reason to be active on Hits4Surfers.
Surfing goes smoothly without frame breakers and page exposure is clean and hihgly visible.

Hits4Surfers traffic exchange and The Clickers Team

Thanks to Eddie’s support The Clickers Team members have opportunity to earn super easy 1000 credits with promo code that is set specially for our team.
Enter Promo Code TCTmember and surf 100 pages for 1000 credits. This is fantastic deal and we recommend Hits4Surfers to all our members.
Hits4Surfers is traffic exchange that is definitely worth to be member and good place to promote your favorite programs.

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