List Of Big Traffic Exchanges And Why To Use Them

There is too many things to say about traffic exchanges and many things to learn to use them successfully.
Also, there is many different types of traffic exchanges.
We can classify them according to: timer length, surfing ratio, how fast they deliver hits, referral earnings, money surfing potential. Just to name few basic clasifications.
Balance between all this aspects is real picture of one traffic exchange.

Traffic Exchanges and How Big They Really Are

But, what really count and what is the most important characteristic is number of members or how big one traffic exchanges is.
More precisely how many ACTIVE members one traffic exchange have.
This is something that most TE owners hide (yes, those stats are frustrating and devastating and talks much about so called “industry”).
About real numbers we can only conclude approximately by some visible parameters.

There are traffics that delivers hits very fast and can make impression on new surfers that there are many people viewing their ads.
In reality many consist of group (smaller or bigger) of SAME, every day, passionate (better say addicted) surfers who never join any program from rotator.
Instead they are surfing for bonuses, prize pages of $0.01, to complete codes, to win jackpots, win in team surfing and all different kind of promotions, events, surfing parties and competitions.
You will practically have very small results (equal to 0) because this type of surfers will NEVER join any of your programs.

Traffic Exchange Surfers – The Truth

Most regular surfers will rather do some kind of referral exchange or “friend support”, usually through chats or messages with surfing friends.
They will rarely join any program from rotator.
If you surf long enough after some time you will get familiar with usernames and you will start to recognize same ones on many different traffics.
This can tell you that number of surfers is MUCH lower than traffic exchange owners wants you to believe.
This, same usernames, you will see on many different traffics.
Simply, all situation on traffic exchanges is really not as it looks on first sight.
In fact it’s far away from this first impression.

Many (90%) surfers are always in rush to complete daily codes, do the promos and to surf enough pages to collect reward of few cents.
There are surfers who are doing this daily on many traffics simultaneously and they will never consider your programs, simply because they are always in rush.
They miss the point of traffic exchange.
This surfers are nothing but “hungry eaters” of yours hardly earned credits.
I know it hurts and sound bad but this is very true.
I was personally one of them for many years and today I feel sorry for all those credits that I spent for nothing because I didn’t know better.

Traffic Exchnage and Money Surfing

If you are one of this kind of surfers and you are doing traffic exchanges this way I have also bad news for you.
You will not make money by surfing 10 traffic exchanges every day for endless hours.

Collecting bonuses, codes, surfer rewards, prize pages, zubees, badges, stickers, trying to win surfing competitions and so on is not how you will make money.
There is nothing bad in doing this as part of your surfing.
Some compensation for hours of surfing is always nice but you should not forget main purpose of traffic exchanges and that is ADVERTISING.
You are there to earn credits by visiting other people’s offers and to use those credits to promote your money making opportunities right?
Remember this well or it can bring you far from this point and you will lose some years too. Guaranteed.

Is it worth to surf traffic exchanges?

Now, ask yourself a question.
Why would you spend tons of time surfing traffic exchanges that consist of same group of people and when nobody even look on your ads?
Yes, this is also very true.
Most regular surfers will surf 4-5 and even more different traffics at the same time.
Usually, just opening tabs one by one, click verification image and then continue to open another tab and do the same.

What would be solution then?
If you want your ads to be seen by many then you have to select traffic exchanges where there is biggest probability that many different people will see them.
In simple words, those with huge membership.

Big traffic exchanges

We will talk on The Clickers Team’s blog more about how to surf, collect credits faster, get traffic exchange referrals and how to get referrals from traffic exchanges for other programs (yes, there is a way) generally how to use them in your own favor but in this article we want to point on those which have many members.

If you are promoting something then you wish to show this page to as many people as you can.
The more people see your ads there is higher probability someone will join your opportunity.
This is why number of ACTIVE members of some traffic exchange is so important.

Here is the list of some traffics that have really many members and that might be place to show your ads to much more people that is case on one year “miracle traffics” (they also can have purpose) that everyone join but nobody actually surf or those who have regular but small group of “hungry credit eaters”.
However TE owners are bit unfair with members because in most cases they show stats of all registered members ever and not the real stats of current and active members but this is statistic.

All traffics on this list have over 100 000 members which is big achievement for one traffic exchange but as I say, take this numbers with a “grain of salt” and just as relative indicator.

List Of Big Traffic Exchanges

The Best Traffic Exchange

Probably you heard for it already and most probably you are already member there even if you are not regular surfer.
Someone already suggested you to surf there for money when you was newbie. Right?
You will earn $0.30 per 1000 pages surfed and person who referred you will earn $0.10 after you surf first 100 pages.
There is 5 level referral award system and this is something that can be beneficial when you (must say hardly) build your downline.
Officially, EasyHits4U have over one million members and it is the biggest traffic exchange so far.

However if you carefully read their policy you will find that it is allowed to open more than one account from same IP address.
I am sure there are members who opened numerous accounts being referrals to themselves just to earn those $0.10 referral bonus. (I have 3 accounts myself because of some other things but surfing only one for years)
There are also some kind of auto-clickers or bots some people use to cheat traffic exchanges but actually they are cheating you and all other members.
Not the nicest thing to do but there will always be cheaters.

So, over million registered members is really impressive achievement (including multiple account and cheaters) but in reality there is much less surfers.
Somewhere between 2 and 2.5K in each moment. It’s just another sign that is true what I am telling here about numbers.
In any case, this 2.5K surfers in every moment is the best you will find compared to any traffic.
EasyHits is the biggest, no doubt about it, and probably the “king of traffic exchanges” if we have to give such label.
Just those stats are not real mirror of how things really are.

EasyHits4U Basic Facts

Timer is quite long 15 and 20 sec for free members but this also makes EasyHits credits more valuable.
Delivery speed is very fast and practically you can’t surf fast enough as your credits will be used.
For free members I suggest 20 sec timer because you will get 1:1 ratio (you will earn one credit for each site you visit).
Twenty second timer is also much better if you are surfing more than one traffic at the same time.
For upgraded members timer for 1:1 ratio is reduced to 15 seconds.
You have to know that sites of upgraded members have priority in rotator.
Be careful if you are freshly upgraded when assigning your credits because they will be spent extremely fast.

Still, EasyHits4U is surely one of top 3 traffic exchanges of all times and it is good place to show your ads.

Is is worth surfing EasyHits4U for money only?

If you are thinking about surfing there for money, think twice before you start.
To reach minimum payment of $3 you will have to surf 10K pages (0.30/1000).
There are some potential (not guaranteed) cash prizes after 350, 400, 450, 500, 750, 1000 pages surfed.
In best case you might earn with this bonuses enough to cover to surf 1000 pages less in total.
Here is simple math 10K pages x shortest 15 sec timer = 150 00 seconds or about 42 hours of surfing. Is that worth of $3?
This money should be small compensation or better say reward for your surfing effort but surely not the primary reason to surf.

The real reason for surf is to earn credits for promotion of your sites.
If you want to show your favorite programs to many people EasyHits4U is one of places.
Do not spend your credits same moment you made them. Instead, collect some more significant amount of credits and then run your ads.
You will have slightly better results with this tactic.


With over 130 000 members Tezak Traffic is certainly traffic exchange to consider.
This is one of very few good traffic exchanges which is DonkeyMail approved so if you are thinking to work with DonkeyMails paid to promote be sure to include Tezak on your list.
This particular traffic exchange is very solid with reasonable number of active surfers.

While surfing you will be able to collect prize every 15 pages surfed.
You have to click on Tezak mascot that will appear on top of the screen to collect prize.
Sometimes there is some small cash too but you will need lot of surfing to reach $10 minimum payout.
Again, this is not basic reason for surfing traffic exchanges.

One of those rewards (you can get it every day usually in first 100 pages) will give you surf ratio boost of 0.25 credits for 120 minutes and then you can collect more credits.
To collect credits much faster you will have to surf Tezak together with other sites from TECommander.

Surfing “commando” will increase your ratio for another 10%-35% on regular days and on Sundays, up to fantastic 100%.
If you don’t like other sites from TECommando, will be enough just to stay logged there and click one page from time to time.
100% bonus will remain active and you can really collect many credits if you focus on surfing this way for 2-3 hours.
Surf on Sunday for 2-3 hours and you will have enough credits for entire week.
Because of this advantage, Sunday is day when Tezak is most busy and when you can show your ads to most people.


Impressive statistics of TrafficG never stop to surprise me because this traffic exchange doesn’t offer any guaranteed prizes or cash what most surfers are looking for.
It’s simple, with no cash or credits rewards, but still stable and strong with big amount of regular daily surfers.
With over half million registered members and over 40 000 daily surfers it is one of the really BIG ones. Same as Tezak, one in few that is DonkeyMails approved.
On such big traffic exchange we can consider 12 seconds timer for 1:1 ratio as good deal.
There is 5 level referral system what is always nice option.


Delivering traffic since 2001 to over 160 000 members.
One of traffic exchanges that survived test of time and still keep active and regular membership.
Personally, I didn’t spent much time there.
I found timer of 1-3 seconds as ridiculous except in case when you need many hits impressions.
For some promo competition for example but not more then this.
Who will give serious look on your site in 1 second?
This type of traffics have its own purpose. It’s good to know for them when you can use this in your own favor.
To collect credits faster use Nerd Surfing or a CTP (Click Track Profit) Battery .

Members Rule (previously known as Smiley Traffic)

You can’t know everything and be everywhere and you will always learn something new.
Sometimes even stay shocked if you exchange info’s with other clickers.
Exactly this happened to me few days ago when I received invitation from friend for relaunch of this traffic exchange.
To be honest I never heard about it before for all this years of surfing numerous traffic exchanges.
Later I realized it’s actually new name for well-known Smiley Traffic and everything comes into place.

Originally it was launched back in 2004 and have nearly 200 000 members.
It’s question how many active ones since they are relaunching under new name (means something was not great before).
Can’t say much about because still no time to test new version.
Very experienced admin for sure.

Site have impressive members list in database. Few mails with some attractive offers can quickly turn old surfers into active ones.
Can be good move to check this traffic now in case it recover previous popularity.
It is still fresh for relatively new surfers so it is right time to get some referrals.
Just idea to consider.
Surfing ratio of 0.4 credits on 12 sec timer is not exactly best deal around.

Traffic Splash

Over 180 000 members.
Honestly I never had impression this is so big traffic exchange.
On the other hand owners are real celebrities in TE world and creators of TECommando.
One of reasons why it doesn’t surprise me too much that there is so many registered members.
Another reason of fast growth is probably back in time when site was paying $1 for each new referral.
But again, it’s question how many surfers remain active there.

Flow of credits and hits delivered is not reciprocal for such huge membership.
In any way it is traffic with big auditorium and many eyes to see your ads.
You will be able to accumulate credits much faster if you are surfing Commando. (surfing together Tezak, Traffic Splash, Traffic Swirl, Dragon Surf in same time)
I find handy to accumulate credits during 100% ratio boost and occasionally run my splashes but nothing more than that.



Operating since 2005.
Bit difficult to discover the exact numbers but must be over 170 000 at least regarding members ID numbers.
It’s not big surprise since Hit2Hit have regular referral contests with high cash rewards.
Somehow it is one of those traffic exchanges that sooner or later you will have to become member.
6 seconds timer for 0.5 ratio for free members.

Follow messages from Hit2Hit in your inbox.
Minimum once per week there is boost when you can earn an extra 40 credits for every 100 pages surfed.
There is no cash or prize pages to collect.
Even without surfing prizes, for all these years, Hit2Hit keep good amount of daily surfers.
Your ads will be seen by many.
Beside better ratio, an upgrade will let you put your links in special rotator.
This rotator is showing upgraded members ads on over 30 different traffic exchanges.

Happy surfing and much success.

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