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How Much Money You Can Earn on Best PTC Sites

We already talked that contrary to what many clickers believe, the real key for making money with paid to click sites is not in getting direct referrals but in building and successfully managing downline of rented referrals. Expected Earnings on Best PTC Sites In this article we will see more closely how much you can… Read More »

GPT Planet PTC Review and Best PTC Strategy

This is full review about GPT Planet and it include most important facts, best PTC strategy and proofs of payment. GPT Planet is operating smoothly and without major problems since it has been launched at 2010 and it is another elite site who found place on The Clickers Team’s Best Strictly Trusted PTC List. It… Read More »

FamilyClix PTC Review and Best PTC Strategy

FamilyClix PTC Review This is review and best PTC strategy for FamilyClix, very promising PTC site. There is several good reasons why we have decided to recommend FamilyClix to our members and readers. FamilyClix operate since 2014 and it is recognized by many experienced clickers as PTC site with great potential. FamilyClix PTC Basic Facts Here… Read More »

How to Get Direct Referrals for PTC Sites Part 2

Last time we explained why most of “how to get referrals strategies” recommended by so-called “PTC gurus” not work very well and why they all have big holes in the system. If I have to choose only 3 crucial weak points why this different strategies will not work I would say those are: Promoting someone… Read More »

How to Get Direct Referrals for PTC Sites

Getting direct referrals for PTC sites is probably the hardest part and the biggest question for most of PTC users. If you have ever tried to get some direct PTC referrals, than you probably know how frustrating this process can be. You invest your time and energy, you put some hard work in it, very… Read More »