ClixTen PTC Review and Best PTC Strategy

By | April 24, 2016


This is review and best PTC strategy for ClixTen.

ClixTen – Is It Worth to Upgrade?

Our initial investment of $115 was made in the beginning of November 2015. We manage to get Yearly Golden Upgrade at discounted price and for the rest we rent first big package of referrals. Here are some stats nearly 6 months later.

What are benefits of upgraded members?
Upgraded ClixTen member will receive 6 x $0.02 ads daily plus another cent with lower value ads. About $0.13 per day or about 45$ in case you click ads most of days over a year. If you grab some occasional offer and get slightly cheaper upgrade it will left only $25-$30 to cover the cost of Yearly Gold Upgrade. This should be easy to achieve with rented referrals.

Rented referrals price is set at $0.20 and with an upgrade your earnings from referral clicks will increase from $0.002 to $0.005 per click. More than double.

ClixTen – The Best PTC strategy?

This would be best ClixTen rented referrals strategy based on what we found while testing upgrade and rented referrals. We would consider average of 1.5 as acceptable and average over 1.8 as very good.
Extending referrals on long terms such 240 or 365 days will get you discount of 30% to 35% and maximize earnings. Remember that this is the key to make money online with PTC sites.

Small difference compared to some other PTC sites is durability of active rented referrals.
You will have to recycle them ($0.03) more frequent but generally we can be satisfied with rented referrals performance.
400 well selected rented referrals will accumulate in average $2.70-$3.00 per day and it will require several months to make such selection.

ClixTen and PayPal problems

Few months ago, site (unfairly) faced with already well known problems with PayPal what results with minor turbulences.
It stay small impression that ClixTen didn’t turn some good aspects of eliminating PayPal in its own favor.


Too long waiting time for payments is the biggest remark coming from most of members.
It takes up to 20 days to receive payment (our last one was 16 days) under bit weak excuse about lack of personnel. I am sure they can do better than that. It doesn’t send good signal to members but its ok for admin to make his/her own rules.
As far as everyone follow them I am ok with 🙂

Despite some understandable weakness after PayPal issue Clixten still stand for an elite PTC site with highly respectful reputation.

ClixTen is just part of bigger online business (and real-life one too) and relay on healthy foundation.

Here is latest ClixTen proof of payment. We will regularly update this post with new proofs.

ClixTen Proof of Payment


ClixTen May RR296657247HU Clixten16July

Accepting: Payza, PerfectMoney, Payeer, Solid Trust Pay and BitCoins


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  1. Cleber

    This site had paypal account limited, however still is paying.

    Clixten still is a great site


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