PTC Review Donkey Mails – Is It Worth to Upgrade?

By | April 13, 2016 No Minimum Payout

We already talked about Donkey Mails in general and this review will put more light about is it worth to upgrade on Donkey Mails.

$80 Yearly Super Donkey and $150 Yearly Huge Donkey are two most attractive upgrades and they offer best deal for serious, every day clickers.

Do not take an upgrade if you are not ready to click ads every day (here and there you can miss day or two of course) and to commit about 15-20 minutes of your time daily.

The Clickers Team have tested $80 Yearly Super Donkey Upgrade and here is what we found.

As a Yearly Super Donkey Upgraded member you will receive this ads:

4 x $0.03 – 60 sec

10 x $0.01 – 30 sec

4 x $0.005

4 x $0.003

8 x $0.002

20 x $0.001

Those are extra ads that members receive for upgrade on the top of already big number of low value ads and paid to read mails available to all members.

In total it gives about $0.30 per day.

There is small catch about reset time. Ads are clickable again after 24 hours. There is no particular time when ads are reset. Most probably you will lose some ads over time.

If you are doing minimum (but really minimum) of Donkey Mails promotion it’s realistic to expect that you will earn about $10-12 per month for persistent and patient daily clicking. It will require about 20 minutes per day to click all ads but you don’t have to stay on page and wait for timer so you can multitask while doing it.

Just to underline that these earnings are based only on your own work, without a single referral.

Occasionally, as an upgraded member, you will receive random referral or two but do not count much on that.

In totals, amount of guaranteed extra potential earnings for upgrade looks like this:

$80 Yearly Super Donkey – $0.25 on extra ads available 24 hours clickable. = $91.25 Extra to earn.

$150 Yearly Huge Donkey – $0.50 on extra ads available 24 hours clickable. = $182.50 Extra to earn

Add few cents per day from regular ads and paid to read messages.

Now, when we put statistic this way, an upgrade doesn’t look like great deal and it could be very logical question is it worth to upgrade on Donkey Mails? Investing money and clicking all those ads for a year to make less than 20% of profit? But again, things are better as it looks on first sight. Money you have invested in an upgrade is not money you will have to forget for entire year. Members can withdraw their earnings every 2 weeks and payout minimum is only at $1. Realistically, with minimum of promotion, you will need about 6-7 months to recover your initial investment. After that everything is profit. So, when calculating is it worth to upgrade, also consider that return of investment is about 40-50% actually.

What would be conclusion about is it worth to upgrade on Donkey Mails?

We would put it this way. Donkey Mails will not make you rich but would be pity to miss this earning opportunity. Donkey is probably one of the most trusted PTC sites in the world. For serious clickers this is guaranteed money maker and best of all it depends on your own clicks only. No special PTC strategy to use, just your own work.

We will regularly update this post with proof of payments so everyone can check intensity of upgrade investment.

Proof No.1 – First proof after upgrade 24.03.2016 $5.15 ($4.78)

Donkey Mails Proof of Payment

Proof No.2 – Second proof after upgrade  06.05.2016 $8.69 ($8.14)


Proof No.3 – 3rd proof after upgrade  02.06.2016 $6.39 ($5.91)


Proof No.4 – 4th proof after upgrade  14.07.2016 $10.51 ($9.91)

Donkey Proof of Payment 14.7.2016

Total received since 24.03.2016. $30.74 ($28.74)

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