Best My Free Shares PTC Strategy

This is super easy to follow and provenly profitable My Free Shares PTC strategy.

It also include all important info about HOW TO BE UPGRADED at My Free Shares and BE PAID FOR IT.

It’s absolute no brain-breaker and everyone can do it.

Simply use and implement this PTC strategy and you will love results. Guaranteed!

Before I explain this really nice system to earn just to remind that My Free Shares is part of well-established and very trusted group of PTC sites with long history that goes back to 2005. Most popular site from this group is DonkeyMails.

So YES, you will be paid for your work and this is recent My Free Shares proof of payment.


Payments are done every 2 weeks trough all major payment processors including PayPal.

Back to the best, super easy My Free Shares PTC strategy.

These are some important great facts about My Free Shares you have to know.

After first $10 bronze upgrade gives back satisfied results already described here, we have decided to keep testing My Free Shares.

You will love what we have found.

Another $10 Bronze upgrade instantly makes another 60 shares including new massive package of share and cash ads to click daily.

In same time, share price goes slightly up so it was good moment to test marketplace but in a role of seller this time.

This was the last thing to check and to be concerned about.

How active is My Free Shares marketplace?

How fast you can sell your shares once you decide to withdraw your earnings?

Now, the result was BIG positive surprise.

To test marketplace I set price of $1.55 per 10 shares and that was the cheapest price at the moment.

Surprise. Shares were sold after half hour only.

To avoid “beginners luck possibility” I have repeated process for few more times and sold all accumulated shares until next morning!!!

The biggest package of 100 shares was sold for $15.7 after few hours.

Have to admit that I have no idea that My Free Shares marketplace is so active.

Of course, I was quite satisfied with idea that I can quickly sell my shares on market to cover upgrade cost and to gain all those “upgraded only” ads for free.

In total, over 1 month, all those clicks will make at least another 40-50 shares and another 2-3$ of cash links. 40-50 shares are easy to sell for another $7-8

All this makes me to look closer to next level upgrade and that is where all story becomes even better and you will love things even more.

 What does it offer My Free Shares Silver Upgrade and how to get it for free?

Silver upgrade offers much better rate as bronze one at 200 shares for 25$ per month.

To make things easier:

25$ divided with 200 gives $0.125 per share or $1.25 for 10 shares.

If you sell 20 packages of 10 shares as CHEAPEST! seller on market for $1.55 you are in profit 20x$0.30=$6 (or more) plus Silver upgrade for free.

As a seller you will have to pay 5% fee on transactions but it will still stay over $5 of monthly profit for doing nothing.

Together with ads clicks it gives in total about $15 per month for free without single referral.

If you want to keep those shares and wait even better market price you will earn daily revenue of about $0.03 per 100 shares.

Everyone can do this. It’s very simple.

Just give a try, click all ads be patient and consistent and watch the market. Upgrade, sell your shares on marketplace, take out your profit, reinvest in another upgrade. Use this strategy and you will not mistake.

For clickers who are able to invest some more money at once there is yearly upgrade that will give you an extra 2 months for free so share price comes less than $0.125 and of course difference between buying and selling price will be even bigger.

Again, we have tested market and it’s surprisingly active.

I reached $10 payout in few hours only.

As you can see on the proof above, it already paid back 2 times $10 Bronze upgrade and it covered cost of the next 25$ Silver Upgrade.

From now, all is 100% pure profit.

Silver Upgrade will give another 200 shares easy to sell for $33-35 plus MANY extra shares and cash ads that will make another $7-8 once you sell your shares.

If you are not in rush for money and you can wait some more time before selling shares, keep reinvesting earnings in shares and accumulate more daily revenue profit. Do it for some time and watch how quickly your profit will greatly increase.

This is win and win situation.

As you see, there is nice space to earn on My Free Shares for serious clickers.

Talking about serious clickers…

The Clickers Team is preparing and soon launching My Free Shares team builder and all we have to say is that you have to be in.

As always The Clickers Team is always 100% free even we recommend to use My Free Share PTC strategy we have just explained. This strategy will drastically improve your results on My Free Shares.

Just to remind, My Free Shares has 5 Levels deep referral system.
This makes it very good for team building because your downline will grow progressively on higher levels. Simply, You have to be part of this..

If you want to join My Free Shares and work together with The Clickers Team please find all info here.

Some more recent My Free Shares proofs:

$35.02 – 12. May 2016.

MyFreeShares Proof2

$32.07 – 23. June 2016.

MyFreeShares Proof3

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