How Not To Do PTC Sites – Often PTC Mistakes

By | February 13, 2016

Instead of telling what you should do on PTC sites i thought it would be good to say few words about how not to do PTC sites.
Here is the list of some mistakes that PTC users often make.
If you are relatively new in clicking and you recognize yourself in some points my advice would be to consider to change some things.
If you have some tips you would like to share please be free to contribute to our list.

1. Program Jumper
Do not jump from one site to another hoping another one is much better. Make good selection of trustful PTC sites and keep working on those sites. Be patient and persistent and give time your effort to start giving results. With well selected programs and with little bit of knowledge you will get results over time.

2. New Program Joiner
Do not join every single new PTC site. Over 90% of them will turn into scam or they will disappear before you reach your first payout. In most of cases you will lose your time and if you are not careful you will lose money as well. So don’t lose your time to “discover new Neobux” and stick to those well established and trustful PTC sites. Especially in the beginning.

3. Forum Referrals Exchanger
Even sometimes forums can be good way to get referrals for PTCs and also to make long-term deals be slow when making referral exchanges. First reason: You don’t need to click 40-50 sites daily to make money. Another thing, clicking 40-50 sites daily will not make you money. When doing referral exchange in forum be sure you are doing with right people. It means with those who are clicking PTCs at least one, one and a half year and those who have positive rankings from previous exchanges. If you are looking for good forum then EMS forum is place for you.

4. Unrealistic and imprudent investor

Do not invest in new sites especially not over the amount you can afford to lose. Investing in new sites is same high level risk as if you are gambling. Try to be realistic. If something sound to good to be true IT IS too good to be true.

5. Newby Promoter
Do not promote sites one by one. First of all this kind of promotion have minimal results if not equal to zero. Instead, make small page where you will listed all your money makers then promote your page. Advertise your own business not someone else’s.

6. Dropped from Mars Clicker
READ forum and updates! This is VERY important rule that many clickers doesn’t follow. If you want to work with PTCs and if you already made selection of sites then it’s very important to be informed what is going on there. Sites and some rules are changing all the time. You have to stay updated. Read forums and follow admins messages. Sometimes you will find great discounts and offers.

7. Instant Upgrader
DO NOT UPGRADE at any time. Again, BE PATIENT. Wait for the right moment and in the meantime try to get referral or two. When I say right moment i mean WAIT FOR DISCOUNT. Most if not all of the sites occasionally make different promos when you can get upgrade for 20% less (sometimes with even bigger discount) or to extend or rent referrals on better rate. Some PTC sites have promos more often some only 2-3 times per year but they all have it. If it’s not upgrade promo it can be “add funds” promo that will usually give some extra value to your money. Wait for such events to get best possible deal but do only on sites you are sure you can trust.

8. Want All and Now Clicker
Do not mistakenly put your online work in wrong time frame! 99% of new clickers make this mistake. You will not make money on PTCs in month or two. If you are in need for fast cash this is not the thing you are looking for. We are talking here about continuous daily effort that will build your online business over time. So, when you think about PTC earnings rather think about year or two to see some results.

9. Free Rider
Do not expect to make money for free.
Here is the bad news. Do not try to make money for free. Even it sound great it’s not possible. You will have to invest sooner or later. I suggest later but it depend how patient you are. Be careful when making investments and do not invest over amount you can afford to lose if things turn into bad way. Before investing remember that some site is not legit because everyone online talk it is. Only several years of good reputation is good sign that site is stable and legit. Unfortunately there is not so many like that. If PTC is online for 15 months it doesn’t mean it’s trustful. Always check forum for latest payments and complains before investment.

10. Speedy Gonzales Clicker
Take time on each site you are working on. Read forums, get familiar with all ways of earnings (clicking adds is not only way to earn on PTC sites), read rules, get attention on adds you are looking. Do Not Rush all the time.

11. Clickomaniac
Do not click all available ads.
Some ads have so small value it’s not worth to waste time on it. For example clicking 0.0001 ads will not make you money so don’t waste time on those. $0.001 is about level you shouldn’t go below.

12. Smart Cheater
Do NOT cheat! Most probably you will get caught and banned forever.

7 thoughts on “How Not To Do PTC Sites – Often PTC Mistakes

  1. Takisha Massa

    I actually appreciate the material you include on your web site it seriously has helped me out a great deal thanks

  2. Ryan Jones

    Thanks for the advise. I have made the mistake of joining multiple ptc sites myself. Definitely good to start with a few and join more over time.

  3. Zydhan Linnar Putra

    But at GPTPlanet, only about 5 ads that have $0.001 ads. Other ads only have about 40.0002-$0.0005

  4. Nicholas Eighmy

    I’m impressed, I need to say. Really rarely do I encounter a blog that’s each educative and entertaining, and let me inform you, you could have hit the nail on the head. Your idea is excellent; the difficulty is one thing that not enough individuals are talking intelligently about. I am very blissful that I stumbled throughout this in my seek for something regarding this.


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